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Caution The usual disclaimer applies: This section was written when phpBB 3.0 was prerelease software, so items covered in this section could easily change drastically as the phpBB Group heads toward final release of the new version.
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public void flushBuffer() throws IOException
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Some of the most common technical problems with CMS integration with portals are authentication, access control, link rewriting, and content delivery. We can manage authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, which we discussed
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The following table lists all the DDL database actions that can be trapped. This is quite a comprehensive list and covers every database event there is. Many of the actions you will recognize from previous chapters, although the commands have spaces between words rather than underscores.
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Type in a title and the content of your post. You can use the quicktag buttons just above the large edit area to format your story, to add links, and so on. I ll go into detail about the quicktags and other posting options in the next chapter. When you are happy with your story, click the Publish button. That s it, you ve made your first post! Click the View site link at the top of the page and admire the masterpiece you just produced! Figure 14-15 shows an example. You may notice that there is already another post on your site. That is a test post the system creates for you as part of the installation. You can safely delete that once you have created your own post.
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Binding with the Command Line
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Implementing the Code
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Using Realms
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AS3 defines two types of sockets, one that can be used to transmit XML data and another that can send binary data. You specify a host and a port, and Socket can create a connection on this host and port. The connection will stay alive until explicitly closed. Therefore, a persistent channel is opened up and the client does not need to reconnect between requests if the connection is alive. The server can also send data back to the client on this connection. Socket implements the IDataInput and IDataOutput interfaces IDataInput and IDataOutput define the different read and write methods, respectively. To get a full list of methods available to read bytes, Boolean, integer, object, float, and double types, take a look at the ASDoc (accessible through Flex 3 LiveDocs). In this manner, Socket is similar to ByteArray and URLStream. Creating and using a socket in ActionScript is no different in mechanism from creating and using a socket in almost any programming language. The Socket class acts as the socket client. That means you ll need a socket server to listen to the requests your client will make. You can write a socket server in any language you wish. The code for a simple socket server written in Groovy follows. We chose Groovy because this chapter is about integration with Java, and Groovy runs in the JVM. The obvious alternative would be to use Java itself. There s a simpleJava server example in the Flex 3 Live Docs, so re-creating that example, or a similar one, would be a waste of space. Also, we want to reinforce the idea that you can use Groovy, Jython, JRuby, or Scala instead of Java itself in the JVM. This means many Java-specific things discussed in this chapter will hold true for these other JVM languages as well.
In some cases a remotely loaded SWF can try to overlay controls on a loading SWF. If the attempt is successful, the SWF can potentially hijack control from the loading SWF, or carry out clickjacking tricking a user into clicking on something that seems harmless, but isn t. Setting masks on Loaders can avoid this type of attack by limiting the SWF to a certain area on the display object.
If you disable the user login block and get logged out, you will need to use the following URL to get Tip
NOTE: You can use the Trusted Server Certificate Names to bypass the prompt for users to trust dialog when connecting to the wireless access point. Once you are satisfied with your wireless configuration settings, proceed to the VPN tab of your configuration profile (see Figure 10-18). If desired, click on the Configure button in order to deploy a VPN payload to the device. First provide a friendly name for your end users that describes the connection. Next, select a protocol. You can use PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec (which Apple calls IPSec), much in the same way that you can use the same options in the VPN when configured on a single mobile device, as shown previously in this chapter.
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