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Often, web forms need more elaborate considerations. For instance, a given part of a web form may depend on what is entered in another. You can express these dependencies using dependent formlets, which you can create most conveniently using the formlet computation expression builder. As plain formlets, dependent formlets are also first-class values and further encode linear dependencies between the various form parts. Consider the following simple example in which the name and age are obtained one after the other; a name must be entered before the input field for the age is displayed: [<JavaScript>] let Snippet4 = formlet { let! name = input "Name" "Please enter your name" let! age = inputInt "Age" "Please enter a valid age" return name, age |> int } |> Enhance.WithSubmitAndResetButtons |> Enhance.WithFormContainer The IntelliFactory.WebSharper.Formlet namespace provides additional combinators you can use to express nonlinear dependencies and build complex user interface interactions and forms. Similar to dependent formlets, flowlets provide a slightly different visual experience and enable you to serve various formlets as a sequence of steps, collecting and accumulating the composite result of the entire flowlet. The following example dresses up each primitive formlet step in a form container with reset and submit buttons:
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Let s take a few moments and play around with this DataGrid to explore some of its features. First of all, if you click any of the column headers, you will notice that sorting is automatically available, as shown in Figure 5-9. Next, if you place your cursor at the edge of one of the columns, you can use the mouse to click and drag the column s edge to resize the column, as shown in Figure 5-10. Again, this functionality is provided for free with the DataGrid s rich client-side functionality. Finally, if you click and hold the mouse on one of the column headers, then drag it left or right to another column header s edge, you will see the column header move and a dark gray border appear between the columns. For instance, click and drag the Male column to the left of the Age column, as shown in Figure 5-11. When a dark-gray border shows up between the two columns, release the mouse, and you will see that the Male column now appears to the left of the Age column in the DataGrid.
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1. This first example will demonstrate how to find maximum and minimum values for every share that has a row in the ShareDetails.SharePrices table where the share ID < 9999. This means that the row we added earlier when looking at joins that has no Share record will be excluded. The code is as follows: SELECT ShareId, MIN(Price) MinPrice, Max(Price) MaxPrice FROM ShareDetails.SharePrices WHERE ShareId < 9999 GROUP BY ShareId 2. When the code is executed, you will see the two shares listed with their corresponding minimum and maximum values, as shown in Figure 11-16.
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You will find that SQL Server 2005 will run on Windows 2000 Professional Edition and above with Service Pack 4, or all editions of Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above. It will also work on the 64-bit operating systems for Windows XP, as well as the 64-bit editions of Windows Server 2003. So there is plenty of scope for running SQL Server on many operating systems.
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To resolve this, you will re-throw the exception. Go back to the Catch sequence and drag a Rethrow activity after the Compensate activity. The Rethrow activity doesn t have any properties; it simply rethrows the current exception. For this reason, a Rethrow activity can be used only in a Catch section of a TryCatch activity. Press F5 to run the application. This time, the results should look like these: Body: The reception facility has been reserved Body: The church has been reserved
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p to now we ve been rather relaxed in our handling of database exceptions. Robust database applications demand more careful attention to this important issue. Structured exception handling is both elegant and robust. In database programming, errors come from three sources: application programs, ADO.NET, and database servers. We assume you re familiar with handling application exceptions in Visual Basic with Try statements, so we ll focus on the last two sources. In this chapter, we ll cover the following: Handling ADO.NET exceptions Handling SQL Server exceptions
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