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The NewRow method creates a data row (a System.Data.DataRow instance). You used the data row s indexer to assign values to its columns. Finally, you added the new row to the data table, calling the Add method on the data table s Rows property, which references the rows collection. Note that you don t provide a value for EmployeeID since it s an IDENTITY column. If you persisted the changes to the database, then SQL Server would automatically provide a value for it. Updating data sources requires learning more about data adapter methods and properties. Let s take a look at these now.
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]]> </fx:Script> <fx:Declarations> <mx:WebService id="myISBNWebService" wsdl=" isbnservice.wso WSDL" load="loadHandler(event)" result="resultHandler(event)" fault="faultHandler(event)" /> <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here --> </fx:Declarations> <s:TextArea x="235" y="120" height="32" id="textArea" text="{resultString}"/> <s:TextInput id="enterIsbnTextInput" x="269" y="56"/> <s:Button id="validateIsbnButton" click="myISBNWebService.IsValidISBN13 (enterIsbnTextInput.text)" x="287" y="87" label="Validate ISBN"/>
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Add code to call the Encrypt method when the user clicks the Encrypt button. Double-click the Encrypt button in MainPage.xaml and add the following code to the click event handler:
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Context Parameter Type
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[TurboBinding(source="textInputOne.text", destination="textInputTwo.text", twoWay="true", unwatchCounter=5)] public function callBackFunction(newValue:String):void { trace(newValue); }
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To change the owner of a file, use the chown command. For security reasons, this must be prefaced with the sudo command, which is to say that chown and chgrp (to change the group ownership) require superuser powers. For example, to set the owner of myfile as frank, type this command:
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The Multicolumn Pattern
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Figure 8-2. Configuring the properties for the reference correctly
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This chapter will attempt to provide insight into the important considerations that are needed to ensure that your post deployment environment is planned in a manner that will not only ensure its initial success, but will also be easily adaptable as technical needs or policies change. A successfully planned and managed client implementation is predicated by numerous metrics: 1. 2. The existence of a tiered management hierarchy, structured appropriately for the environment to ensure granularity and scalability. The chosen policy implementation properly addresses the technical needs of the managed node s workflow, as well as the managed user s workflow. The chosen policy implementation adheres to global MIS policies. Management restrictions are as unobtrusive to end users as possible. Policy implementation is performed centrally, is dynamic, and can be easily changed across both a small and large scope of machines or users.
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1. Ensure that SQL Server Management Studio is running and that you have navigated to the ApressFinancial database. Find the ShareDetails.Shares table, and right-click and select Modify. Once in the Table Designer, select the ShareId column. This will be the column we are setting the primary key for. Right-click to bring up the pop-up menu shown in Figure 5-15.
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The next step is to migrate accounts by importing documents and settings of existing user accounts from your Windows partition to Ubuntu. (You won t be prompted to do this if you re installing Ubuntu on a fresh hard disk or have chosen to overwrite your Windows partition.) Just check the items you would like to import to your account, as shown in Figure 5-17. Then click the Forward button to continue.
Implementing the Application
Figure 9-27. Local Computer: Computer Configuration and User Configuration policies
Standard input and standard output are what BASH calls your keyboard and screen. These are the default input and output methods that programs use unless you specify something else, such as redirecting or piping output and input. When a program goes wrong, its error message doesn t usually form part of standard output. Instead, it is output via standard error. Like standard output, this usually appears on the screen. Sometimes, it s very beneficial to capture an error message in a text file. This can be done by redirecting the standard error output. The technique is very similar to redirecting standard output: cdrecord --scanbus 2> errormessage.txt The cdrecord command is used to burn CDs, and with the --scanbus command option, you tell it to search for CD-R/RW drives on the system, something which frequently results in an error message if your system is not properly configured. After the initial command, you see the redirection. To redirect standard error, all you need to do is type 2>, rather than simply >. This effectively tells BASH to use the second type of output: standard error. You can direct both standard output and standard error to the same file. This is done in the following way: cdrecord --scanbus > error.txt 2>&1 This is a little more complicated. The standard output from cdrecord --scanbus is sent to the file error.txt. The second redirect tells BASH to include standard error in the standard output. In other words, it s not a case of standard output being written to a file, and then standard error being added to it. Instead, the standard error is added to standard output by BASH, and then this is written to a file.
Your application is now complete, and it should handle both transient and persistent states. To test it, press F5 and enter Hello, world in the text box presented. Next, press the Back button and answer Yes to save work before leaving. The application is now terminated; if you press F5 again to re-launch the application, the screen should come with Hello, world already populated within it.
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