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s Note The multicolumn pattern is also a popular pattern to develop labels and contact cards for
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This last chapter is about message-based processing in local applications. Here you learn how you can intercept calls to objects to route them through IMessageSinks. This routing allows you to create and maintain parts of your application s business logic at the metadata level by using custom attributes. You also discover why it might or might not be a good idea to do so.
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public string Parse(string url, out string objectURI) { String email; SMTPHelper.parseURL(url, out email, out objectURI); if (email == null || email=="" || objectURI == null || objectURI =="") { return null; } else { return "smtp:" + email; } } The implementation of IChannelSender consists only of a single method: CreateMessageSink(). This method will either receive a URL or a channel data store as parameters and will return an IMessageSink as a result and the destination object s URI as an out parameter. When no URL is specified as a parameter, you should cast the channel data store (which is passed as object) to IChannelDataStore and take the first URL from it instead. You then have to check whether the URL is valid for your channel and return null if it isn t. Next you add the client channel s transport sink provider at the end of the provider chain and call CreateSink() on the first provider. The resulting sink chain is then returned from the method. public IMessageSink CreateMessageSink(string url, object remoteChannelData, out string objectURI) { if (url == null && remoteChannelData != null && remoteChannelData as IChannelDataStore != null ) { IChannelDataStore ds = (IChannelDataStore) remoteChannelData; url = ds.ChannelUris[0]; } // format: "smtp:user@host.domain/URI/to/object" if (url != null && url.ToLower().StartsWith("smtp:")) { // walk to last provider and this channel sink's provider IClientChannelSinkProvider prov = _provider; while (prov.Next != null) { prov = prov.Next ;}; prov.Next = new SMTPClientTransportSinkProvider( (String) _properties["senderEmail"], (String) _properties["smtpServer"]); String dummy; SMTPHelper.parseURL(url,out dummy,out objectURI);
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C++/CLI supports, for convenience, the use of the + operator on strings, string literals, and other entities that can be converted to strings (which includes any managed type, since Object defined the ToString method that other objects inherit). The result is the concatenation of the strings. In this way you can build up an output string using concatenation, rather than using the format string. This is not generally a good idea for applications that must be localized into other languages, since the different word order of different languages may mean that the order of concatenation is language dependent. Listing 5-4 shows the use of the string concatenation operator. Listing 5-4. Concatenating Strings // string_operator_plus.cpp using namespace System; int main() { String ^hrs = "Hours", ^mins = "Minutes"; wchar_t separator = ':'; int minutes = 56, hours = 1; Console::WriteLine( hrs + separator + " " + hours + "\n" + mins + separator + " " + minutes); }
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Note There are places in the workflow where the Persist activity is not allowed. For example, you can t use it inside of a TransactionScope activity. If you try to execute a Persist activity in one of these places, an exception will be thrown. Also, the NoPersistScope activity can be used to contain a sequence of activities. The workflow will prevent persistence until the scope has been completed. This is useful if you have several activities that need to be completed as a single unit and you don t want anything persisted until they all complete. Obviously, if you put a Persist activity inside a NoPersistScope activity, an exception will be thrown.
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Figure 17-20. Link categories
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If you create code like this, build the application in Debug mode, and deploy it to IIS or another remoting host, you don t have to explicitly attach a debugger. As soon as the breakpoint condition is met and Debugger.Break() is invoked, the Just-In-Time Debugging dialog box shown in Figure 10-1 will be displayed.
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Adding this strangely named XML file is very straightforward; the only potential difficulty may be the fact that the name is completely unreadable, so it would be best if you could copy and paste it from the source code available for download with this book. 1. Right-click the project name, select Add New Item, and then select XML file. Make sure (this is important!) you name it E0F0E49A-3EB1-4970-B78045DA41EC7C28.xml. While the contents of the file may not be very important, be sure to go to the Properties window and set the Build Action property to Content and the Copy To Output property to Copy Always for the this file (click the file and press F4 to bring up the Properties dialog).
AspNetAccessProvider uses the Access (Jet) database for storing information. Generally, Access is not used in real-world heavy-duty applications, but you can certainly use it if the application calls for it.
Next I show you how to build this sink in the same manner as the previous CompressionSink, which means that the sink s core logic will be extracted to a helper class. I call this class EncryptionHelper. The encryption helper will implement two methods, ProcessOutboundStream() and ProcessInboundStream(). The methods signatures look like this: public static Stream ProcessOutboundStream( Stream inStream, String algorithm, byte[] encryptionkey, out byte[] encryptionIV) public static Stream ProcessInboundStream( Stream inStream, String algorithm, byte[] encryptionkey, byte[] encryptionIV)
CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes
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