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InstallEase and Iceberg
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Figure 14-1. The simple web application from Listing 14-1
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CREATE TRIGGER Syntax for DML triggers
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If you try to install certain software packages, you will very likely find that they depend on other packages, such as software libraries. These must be either already present on the system or installed at the same time for the software to work correctly. Ubuntu will attempt to take care of the latter automatically. In a similar way, removing software also means that other packages that rely on that particular software must also be removed, a situation known as reverse dependency. Dependency hell comes about when chains of dependencies arise, which is to say, when a program you install or remove involves the installation or removal of several other, apparently unrelated pieces of software. For example, let s say you decide to manually install a program called Oscar. You download it and type the command to install it, but you are then told that this depends on another program called BigBird, which isn t installed. Fine, you think, I ll just download and add BigBird to the same installation command. But it then transpires that BigBird has its own dependency of Snuffleupagus. You download and add that, too. Alas! Snuffleupagus has its own dependency of MrHooper. This can carry on for some time, and this is why it s not advised to manually install or remove software without using something like Synaptic Package Manager. In the preceding example, Synaptic would add in all the dependencies automatically and download and install them at the same time. Dependency chains like this are a by-product of any package management system. The solution is often simple just don t remove the software package. After all, hard disks are extremely large nowadays, and space is rarely an issue, so there s little reason to not have software packages you no longer need hanging around.
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Sharing Tables Across Databases
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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Many of these settings appear fairly cryptic, but you ll find they allow for very granular configuration of the service. You can customize these items by using the same command and but pasting the particular setting on to the end of it, along with the desired value. For example, if you want to force all users who can authenticate into the iCal service to have an account in the directory services, you would use the following command:
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Next, open the file in your favorite text editor, and change the very first text field to the name that you want for your LUN within Xsan Admin. Edit any other lines you d like to be labeled, and save the file. Now run the command cvlabel labels, which will read the file you just edited and label the LUN for use with ACFS using the name you just provided, making it appear in Xsan admin. TIP: Xsan Admin (2.x) will show you only the LUNs from the Fibre Channel controller, but you can use cvlabel to label LUNs on local hard drives and even removable media. Though you should use this for testing only, it does give you the ability to test Xsan commands that you otherwise might not be able to run in a lab environment.
Or perhaps a particular commenter has so much good stuff to say that you invite her to contribute articles. WordPress allows you to have any number of authors registered on your blog and able to contribute to your community. You can either allow the new authors to register themselves or, as the administrator, create their accounts. To create a new account for someone click Users, then Authors & Users. You will see the list of existing Authors and Registered Users and their basic details. Below that you will see the Add New User form. Fill in the Nickname (this is the name the user will use to log in), First Name, Last Name, and E-mail Address fields for your new user. You can optionally add a web site URL. Enter a password for the new user and the same password a second time to confirm it. The user will be able to change this password later. Click Add User to complete the process. You will need to contact the new user directly to let him know his login name and password. Unlike with self-registration, WordPress does not automatically send an e-mail message with login details. Your new user s details will now be listed under Registered Users. Users listed there are registered on your blog, but cannot post stories. Click Promote to promote a user to Author status. With Author status, users can create new posts and edit their existing ones.
Now, in our shell script, we can create files, add lines to files, and so forth with the shortened date stamp. Some of you will be using log analyzers that depend, for example, on Unix epoch time. To grab the date formatted as such, use the following command:
CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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