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modifying any of the existing maps for other systems. An intelligently organized mapping solution can eliminate the need for complex modifications across an integration solution. This chapter will describe how to use BizTalk for data transformation and mapping. As with the rest of the BizTalk platform, there are numerous ways to solve the same problem, and mapping components can range from any variety and combination of traditional BizTalk graphical maps, XSLT, and .NET assemblies. The business requirements should drive the technical solution, and there is no single approach that will suit all situations. The recipes in this chapter introduce the fundamental mapping techniques that will aid in the development of a solid mapping design and architecture, and ultimately in a scalable and configurable integration solution.
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As you can see, the xamlFragment is a string containing a new piece of XAML. This is created and a reference to it returned to the textBlock var. This reference is then added to the tree by adding it to the children of the root element.
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before the modification is placed in the DELETED table, and then a copy of the row of data after the modification is placed in the INSERTED table. The INSERTED and DELETED tables will hold one record from each table for each modification. Therefore, if you perform an UPDATE that updates 100 rows, the DELETED logical table is populated with the 100 rows prior to the UPDATE. The modification then takes place, and the INSERTED table is populated with 100 rows. Finally, the trigger will fire. Once the trigger has completed, the data for that table is removed from the relevant logical tables. These tables do not actually physically exist within SQL Server, so it is not possible to complete any further processing on these tables, such as creating an index, and the data can only be interrogated via a SELECT statement and cannot be modified. You can, therefore, access these tables within a trigger to find out which records have been inserted, updated, or deleted. To check what columns have been modified, it would be possible to compare each and every column value between the two tables to see what information had been altered. Luckily, as was discussed when we examined the syntax, there is a function, UPDATE(), that can test whether a column has been modified. Now that you are fully up to date as to what a DML trigger is and how it works, it is time to create and test the first trigger within the database.
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Chart of Accounts (Header Left) Page: n/n (Header Right) ChartOfAccounts AccountID, AccountCode, AccountNameEng, AccountGeneralID, AccountGeneralCode, AccountType and AccountGroup Letter Portrait
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The list of permissions starts with a d, so you can tell that this is actually a directory. After this, you see that the owner of the directory, root, has permission to read, write, and access the directory. Next are the permissions for the group: three dashes. In other words, members of the group called root have no permission to access this directory in any way. They cannot browse it, create new files in it, or even access it. Following this are the permissions for the rest of the users. This includes you, because you re not the user root and don t belong to its group. The three dashes means you don t have permission to read, write, or access this directory. In other words, it s out of bounds to you, probably because it contains files that only the root user should access!
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public void setMap(final Map<String,List<String>> map) { this.map = map; } Listing 3-14 shows that the corresponding XML configuration of the property is readily human readable, and also illustrates that the map can contain other nested collections (in this case, a list) for the value types, as indeed it can for the keys.
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Figure 3-9. Client-side output when using CAOs
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Adding OrderItem Processing
using using using using using using using using using System; System.Data; System.Configuration; System.Web; System.Web.Security; System.Web.UI; System.Web.UI.WebControls; System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts; System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;
Just like the last chapter on hardware, a complete tutorial on firmware design would need a book (or several books) to itself. Even then, many would tell you that good firmware design takes more than recipes from a book; it s part art. What I m going to do here is to give you practical tips based on my own experience. As I discussed in chapter 4, firmware defines the program that you ll be writing and installing into your embedded processor. It s nothing magical or mysterious, just software like any other you write. Well, mostly. You ll need to take a step back from the protective world that Objective-C provides and handle most everything in your own code. In most cases there won t be any operating system support; if you need something, you ll most likely have to write it yourself. Your first inclination might be to write your programs using the processor s native machine or assembly language. The part s spec sheets usually contain a lot of examples written this way leading the new developer to believe that s the way to go. In all but the most extreme cases, it s not. Learning the nuances of a processor take weeks even for the most savvy and embedded designers. If you haven t had a lot (or any) experience working at this level, then you might be in for a couple months of study. Remember the bigger picture; this is about your accessory and not the details of one piece of the puzzle. Don t get bogged down in the details unless this is more about the learning experience.
You asked the database to return the data for all columns, which is exactly what has happened. If you scroll to the right, you ll find all the columns in the Employees table. Most of the time, you should limit queries to only relevant columns. When you select columns you don t need, you waste resources. To select columns explicitly, enter the column names after the SELECT keyword (see Figure 3-5):
Note A media set is an ordered set of backups on the same disk or tape.
Autowiring is disabled (the default). Autowiring is carried out by locating beans that are named by using the id attribute and that have the same name as the properties to be set on the target bean. Autowiring is carried out by locating beans of the same type as the properties to be set on the target bean. Autowiring is carried out by using beans of the same types as the constructor s parameters. Equivalent to byType if the target bean has a default constructor, or to constructor otherwise. byType is used when a constructor exists because constructor parameter names are not retained at runtime and therefore cannot be determined by reflection.
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