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A database object that can be used as a security measure when dealing with data that is sensitive, or to make data schemas more friendly and usable for user-defined data queries. Acts in a similar fashion to a table, and although called a view, data can be updated and deleted providing specific conditions are met.
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It s worth noting that fundamentally, not much changed between Xsan1 and Xsan2. Certainly, Apple made great improvements to its GUI admin tools, but the underlying functionality of LUNs, storage pools, and data allocation did not drastically change. As such, we feel that many of the tuning principals prescribed by Apple for Xsan 1.4 still fundamentally apply to Xsan 2. The Apple tuning guide says little about metadata stripe breadths. The default breadth on a metadata storage pool is 256 blocks. But according to Quantum, this is too high. The company recommends a 16- or 64-block stripe breadth for metadata storage pools. Therefore, if you have a relatively small volume with a small number of files, consider using 16. If you have a larger environment with big files, think about trying 64, rather than the default of 16. The calculation to make the stripe breadth times the storage pool equal 1MB is more important for your data storage pool than for your metadata pool. As with many things Xsan, you ll get the biggest bang for your buck from tuning stripe breadths and block sizes to match the environment is where you will get the biggest bang for your buck. This is just a starting place, though. You should plan on tearing down and rebuilding your volume a few times to maximize speed (after all, doing so usually takes less than five minutes. After setting up volume affinities, you can configure your volume s metadata controllers. The wizard will show you each system that s set as a metadata controller. Generally two such controllers should suffice for any given volume or set of volumes. Once configured, metadata controllers run an instance of the FSM process. You can track performance, in
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shoulds, musts, wills, etc. For a large, multipart system, it may very well go into the tens or even hundreds of pages. There could be design reviews, teams working on different sections, code reviews, and all the other things associated with large companies. How big should your specification for the Pong game be The correct answer is it depends. But that doesn t help you. I m going to go out on a limb here and say that you want your specification to be two pages. Wow! You made a commitment. Two pages. So what s on those two pages
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You can see the <asp:> labels for the three controls as well as their attributes, which define the properties that you just set. If you don t want to use the Property Editor to set the properties, you can instead use the source editor to enter these properties manually, and IntelliSense will even help you with this. If you haven t done so already, make sure that you add a web reference to the XMethods quote service at asmx WSDL. Call the service reference 'QS'.
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Note At this point, you have successfully created a BAM activity and view (including aggregations, measures,
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public void testVelocityMailDao() throws Exception { final VelocityEngineFactoryBean factory = new VelocityEngineFactoryBean(); final Properties props = new Properties(); props.setProperty("resource.loader", "class"); props.setProperty("class.resource.loader.class", "org.apache.velocity.runtime.resource.loader.ClasspathResourceLoader"); factory.setVelocityProperties(props); factory.afterPropertiesSet(); final VelocityEngine engine = (VelocityEngine)factory.getObject(); final VelocityMailDaoImpl impl = new VelocityMailDaoImpl(); impl.setFromAddress(FROM); impl.setRcptAddress(TO); impl.setSubject(SUBJECT); impl.setVelocityEngine(engine); impl.setVelocityMacroPath("velocity/timesheet/update.vm"); impl.setMailSender(mailSender); impl.sendTimesheetUpdate(timesheet); assertEquals(1,mailSender.getMessageCount()); final List<Message> messages = mailSender.getMimeMessages(); assertEquals(1,messages.size()); final Message message = messages.get(0); final Address[] senders = message.getFrom(); assertEquals(1,senders.length); final InternetAddress from = (InternetAddress)senders[0]; assertEquals(FROM,from.getAddress()); final Address[] recipients = message.getAllRecipients(); assertEquals(1,recipients.length); final InternetAddress to = (InternetAddress)recipients[0]; assertEquals(TO,to.getAddress()); final String subject = message.getSubject(); assertEquals(SUBJECT,subject);
Sometimes, it is best to use XSLT directly, instead of using the BizTalk mapping functionality. This can be for a variety of reasons but generally is useful when there is a lot of complex mapping that uses IfThen-Else to populate fields. Because this type of logic can get complex with the use of Value Mapping functoids, pure XSLT can be much easier to use. See Figure 3 62.
The InferSchema option of XmlReadMode ignores schema information from the source XML data if present and loads the data into a DataSet. If the DataSet already has its schema, that is extended to accommodate the new data. However, if there is any mismatch between the existing schema and the newly inferred schema, an exception is raised.
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Table 11 4. Progress Dimension Items
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