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To create a table to hold XML documents, in SSMSE, run the T-SQL in Listing 17-8.
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4 3. Configuring Port Maps
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10. A window reporting a successful test should appear (see Figure 4-17). (If it doesn t, cancel your work and carefully try again.) Click OK.
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namespace ShoppingList { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(CollectionWF()); Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to exit"); Console.ReadLine(); } private static Activity CollectionWF() {
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Certificates can be installed on iPhones through a number of means. The easiest way to install a new certificate on an iPhone or iPod touch is by providing the certificate via a web site or by emailing the certificate to the user. In either scenario, the user needs to visit either the web site or tap on the certificate attached in an email. Once you have reached this point, you will be presented with the Install Profile interface. In Figure 10-7, you accessed the organization s root Certificate Authority certificate by opening in Safari, which installs our LBC Certificate Authority root certificate. NOTE: The iPhone Active Sync client and Wireless configuration can login using certificatebased authentication if your services support it (such as if you are using Windows Server IAS). Typically when using RADIUS or Active Sync authentication you will want to install your certificate along with your wireless or Active Sync configuration at the same time. This will allow you to specify the certificate to be presented during this authentication challenge within the configuration profile.
Caution Many groups are listed in the Main Group drop-down list. Nearly all of these relate to the way
In both cases you end up with a command associated with a connection. You still need one more thing in order to use the command, and that s the text of the command. Let s see how to set that next.
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As you can see, the first component of the line is the address of the server. Then the repository category is listed: hardy. If the server offered updates, this might read hardy-security or hardy-updates. Following this, the repository components are listed: main and restricted. A hash symbol (#) at the beginning of a line in sources.list means that it s ignored. This can be useful for disabling a repository in a situation where you don t necessarily want to remove it from the file. In addition, as you can see within the file, some explanatory comments from Ubuntu developers are inserted into the file and are preceded by a hash symbol, so that APT doesn t attempt to interpret them. Adding a new repository is easy. For example, to add the Skype repository, in order to download the Skype VoIP software, switch to insert mode within vim (by typing i), and then type the following: # added by Keir, 4 May 08 deb stable non-free As you can see, we ve added a comment to identify who added the line and when. You ll notice something interesting about the actual deb line. The Skype server s repository category and components aren t like the others in the sources.list file. The category is stable, and the component is non-free. In this case, the Skype server uses the Debian method of naming repository categories and components, which is different from Ubuntu s way.
The Keyboard node section, shown in Figure 2-13, allows you to define fast keys for commands you run often. Any T-SQL stored procedure can be defined. The examples in this book assume you are using the standard keyboard scheme.
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