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GPG (or GnuPG, downloadable from is much like PGP; it allows users to encrypt files and e-mail. It is different in that GPG, and the suite of tools built around it, is open source. GPG is not as feature rich as PGP but does have some compelling features in that it works well with and, of course, it s free. To get started with GPG, you will first need to download GnuPG and install it. Once you ve installed GnuPG, download and install GPGMail. The most recent releases of both are available through Once you install them, you will see new fields in your client when you are ready to send mail. GPGMail is currently not supported in Mac OS X 10.6; however, if you are interested in leveraging open source tools for e-mail encryption, check back with their site regularly, as it is likely that a Mac OS X 10.6 version will be released soon.
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Sending Private Messages
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Implement the button event for stopping and starting the accelerometer. private void btnStart_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { if (_ac == null) { _ac = new Accelerometer();
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Working with Conditionals: && and ||
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Figure 11-7. File modification notification in Expression Blend Pretty nifty, right The same file modification is offered when you do the reverse: make a change in Expression Blend and then go back into Visual Studio. Feel free to try this out yourself. As this exercise demonstrated, Expression Blend and Visual Studio work together seamlessly. You can switch back and forth between the two products without fear of data loss or conflicts.
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Blocks Written
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get { return _name; } } public void Donate([Check(MaxValue=100)] double amount) { _totalDonation = _totalDonation + amount; } Now the documentation of your business logic is applied on the metadata level! You could easily use reflection to generate printed or online documentation that includes these basic business logic checks as well. Well, unfortunately, no checks have been done yet. In fact, when using this class, you could easily set Name to any possible value and Donate() to whatever amount you d like.
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Namespace DisplayImage Public Class Images Private imageFilename As String = Nothing Private imageBytes() As Byte = Nothing Private imageConnection As SqlConnection = Nothing Private imageCommand As SqlCommand = Nothing Private imageReader As SqlDataReader = Nothing ' Constructor Public Sub New() imageConnection = New SqlConnection("Server=.\sqlexpress;" & _ "Integrated Security=True;Database=tempdb") imageCommand = New SqlCommand("" & ControlChars.CrLf & _ "select" & ControlChars.CrLf & "imagefile," & _ ControlChars.CrLf & "imagedata" & ControlChars.CrLf & _ "from" & ControlChars.CrLf & "imagetable" & _ ControlChars.CrLf & "", imageConnection) ' Open connection and create data reader imageConnection.Open() imageReader = imageCommand.ExecuteReader() End Sub Public Function GetImage() As Bitmap Dim ms As New MemoryStream(imageBytes) Dim bmap As New Bitmap(ms) Return bmap End Function Public Function GetFilename() As String Return imageFilename End Function
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Figure 8-10. Check Constraints dialog box
The command(s) completed successfully. 5. There are two methods to check that the code has worked before adding in any data. Move to the Object Explorer in Query Editor. This isn t refreshed automatically, so you do need to refresh it. You should then see the three new constraints added, two under the Constraints node and one under the Keys node, as well as a display change in the Columns node, as shown in Figure 8-8.
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