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In this chapter, we ve taken a look at some Ubuntu programs that provide vital functions that you might have used daily under Windows. The aim was to get you started with this software as quickly as possible by pointing out key features. You ve seen how some programs mirror the look and feel of their Windows counterparts almost to the letter, while others resolutely strike out on their own path. It takes just a little time to become familiar with Ubuntu software, and then using these programs will become second nature. In the next chapter, we ll move on to more fundamental Ubuntu tasks: manipulating files. However, once again, this is not too dissimilar from the Windows experience, which makes getting used to the system very easy.
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It is quite simple to shell out to an XSLT document. Take these steps: 1. 2. 3. Right-click the map surface, and select Properties. Click the ellipsis next to the Custom XSLT Path property, and open the file containing the custom XSLT. Compile the map. The XSLT file is included in the BizTalk assembly and does not need to be deployed separately.
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Securing your network is a must in today s global environment. But because of the damage that can be done on a local area network and the quantity of people now able to perpetrate such damage, it is also now critical to act locally as well with regard to network security. And this starts with the wireless network. In this chapter we looked at some of the techniques used to both secure and break into a wireless network. Password protection, MAC address filtration, and NAT firewalls are good security techniques. They should not be the only security measures used for securing wireless networks, but they are good first steps toward securing wireless networks. While breaking into any networks should be reserved to labs and securing your own networks, our main goal in looking at these practices was to portray how easily some of these security mechanisms are to bypass and the damage that can be done once they have been circumvented. Now that we are finished looking at wireless networks, in 13 we will look at one of the most critical of services on the inside of your network, file sharing.
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You will create a custom extension that will perform updates to the Lead table when the workflow is persisted. From the Solution Explorer, right-click the Extensions folder (under the LeadGenerator project) and choose Add Class. For the class name, enter PersistLead.cs. The implementation of this class is shown in Listing 15-1.
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Tickets map authenticated users to workspaces. Ticket objects implement the javax.jcr.Ticket interface. A ticket maps to a single workspace. Each ticket provides access to the repository for the user, but the ticket will keep any changes queued until the portlet either reverts or saves the changes.
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In this exercise, you will need to address a couple of issues before diving into the code. Because you are going to change the language setting programmatically, you will need to intercept or override the code that works with setting the browser to auto-detect the setting. The reason for this is that the preferred language setting will remain unchanged within the browser; however, the content displayed on the website will be shown according to the setting the end user chooses. The method needed to be overridden is the InitializeCulture() subprocedure. This is the method that is used in conjunction with the auto detection of the preferred browser language. Because you will allow users to change to the preference they want, you need to have other code executed instead of what is in the base class. The next issue is adding a pro le property to the web.con g. We will examine this in more detail in 9 dealing with personalization. 1. Create a new web project and add a web.config file to the project. 2. Open the web.con g le and within the <system.web> element tags, add the following pro le element: <profile> <properties> <add name="Culture" type="System.String" /> </properties> </profile>
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Coding the Application
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phpBB 3.0 introduces a few improvements to templating. A smarter and more flexible templating engine provides even more customization possibilities, with far fewer dives into the PHP scripting code required a winning situation in terms of reliability and efficiency in development. The downside to these improvements is that existing phpBB 2.0 styles are considered totally incompatible with phpBB 3.0, and they will need to be reworked to accommodate the new version s changes.
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Listing 3-2. A Content Reviewing Screen package com.apress.king.mediagrabber; import; import*; import; import import import import import net.rim.device.api.ui.Field; net.rim.device.api.ui.MenuItem; net.rim.device.api.ui.UiApplication; net.rim.device.api.ui.component.*; net.rim.device.api.ui.container.MainScreen;
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Orchestration Step (Shape)
The RadioButton control is used within a series or group of RadioButton controls and is designed to allow the end user to only select one of the choices.
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Most PCs come with sound cards that are capable of making music. You can use many open-source programs, designed for both amateurs and professionals alike, to create music or record and edit audio. In terms of musical sequencers, MusE (, Rosegarden (, and Jazz++ ( are well worth investigating. Like all modern MIDI sequencers, these programs let you record audio tracks, effectively turning your PC into a recording studio. It s also possible to run virtual synthesizers on your PC, which effectively turn even the most basic sound card into a powerful musical instrument. Examples include Bristol ( projects/bristol) and FluidSynth ( If you re interested in only audio recording and processing, Sweep ( and Audacity ( are worth a look. In addition to audio recording and playback, both feature graphical waveform editing and powerful filters. Most of the packages mentioned here are available from the Ubuntu software repositories, and you can download them with the Synaptic Package Manager.
Designing Confirmation Activities
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