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The Internet and the Birth of the Web
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computer networks, normally using the HTTP protocol. You can find more information on SOAP here:
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or some other XML document format that accurately represents the same data and relationships as the tables.
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objects have to be [Serializable], implement ISerializable, or be MarshalByRefObjects as well.
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Adding a Header
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The Twitter API will only work for Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) applications so to create a Twitter web client you will have to use a proxy. We will show you both ways.
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We stated previously that every MSBuild logger must implement the ILogger interface. You can see that the SimpleFileLogger does implement this interface; it does so through the Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Logger class. Another requirement is that a public parameterless constructor be available. The SimpleFileLogger class has four data members: _verbosity, _parameters, _fileName, and _messages (the buffer containing all the messages). Refer to the Initialize method, as follows: public override void Initialize(IEventSource eventSource) { _fileName = "simple.log"; _messages = new StringBuilder(); //Register for the events here eventSource.BuildStarted += new BuildStartedEventHandler( this.BuildStarted); eventSource.BuildFinished += new BuildFinishedEventHandler(this.BuildFinished); eventSource.ProjectStarted += new ProjectStartedEventHandler(this.ProjectStarted); eventSource.ProjectFinished += new ProjectFinishedEventHandler(this.ProjectFinished); eventSource.ErrorRaised += new BuildErrorEventHandler( this.BuildError); eventSource.WarningRaised += new BuildWarningEventHandler( this.BuildWarning); eventSource.MessageRaised += new BuildMessageEventHandler( this.BuildMessage); } This method simply sets the name of the file, initializes the message buffer, and registers for events with the event source. Notice that it did not register for every event only the ones for which it is interested. You can register for as few or as many events as you need. Notice that each event has its own specific type of handler associated with it; this is because different events have different information associated with them. For example, when a build error occurs, you ll be sent information about the location of the error; however, when a task is started, you will not be sent any location information. Now that you have seen the Initialize method, we will cover the Shutdown method and then move on to the event handlers. Here s Shutdown: public override void Shutdown() { System.IO.File.WriteAllText(_fileName, _messages.ToString()); } This method simply writes the contents of the buffer to the file. This is a pretty simple logger; a much better way to store all the messages in memory would be to periodically write the messages out to the file being logged to. Now you will examine a few of the event handlers. All of the event handlers from this class look similar; the protected method AppendLine is as follows:
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All the media, whether it is tapes or disks, involved in the process of making a backup.
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environment where you need to mount disks manually.
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Figure 18-1. The Visual Studio debugger
<bean id="pte" class="com.apress.coupling.config.PropertyTypeExample" p:text="Hello World" p:ref-ref="ref" p:list-ref="list" p:set-ref="set" p:map-ref="map"/>
You can bind to multiple directory services, and more specifically to multiple LDAP servers, by using the Search Policy settings to determine which takes priority over the others in the event that the username or computer name in one is duplicitous to another. By specifying the order of the various Directory Services, we can control the order in which they are queried for data. On all OS X machines, the local directory services database will always have precedence. That is, if my local database has a user jdoe , and the Open Directory System that I have bound to also has this user, when I login I will be authenticating against the computer s local user and will receive his information. This is very important to know about OS X. Thus, arranging the order in which Directories are listed is primarily useful for managing environments with multiple disparate Directory
protected function initializeHandler():void { var networkInfo:NetworkInfo = NetworkInfo.networkInfo; var networkInterfaces:Vector.<NetworkInterface> = networkInfo.findInterfaces(); networkInterfaces.forEach( function(networkInterface:NetworkInterface, index:int, vect:Vector.<NetworkInterface>):void { var item:Object = new Object(); =; =; if ( networkInterface.addresses.length > 0 ) { networkInterface.addresses.forEach( function ( interfaceAddress:InterfaceAddress, i:int, vect2:Vector.<InterfaceAddress>):void { item.addresses += networkInterface.addresses[i]. ipVersion + ": " + networkInterface.addresses[i].address + ", "; }); } else { item.addresses = ""; } arrayCollection.addItem( item ); });
To configure your application, from the BizTalk Administration Console, rightclick it, and choose Configure. You will be presented with a Configure Application dialog box, shown in Figure 10 12. Here, you can configure binding, host, role links, and messaging/port settings for your application. Click OK after completing your configuration.
impl.setVelocityMacroPath("velocity/timesheet/attachments.vm"); impl.setMailSender(mailSender); final ClassPathResource image = new ClassPathResource("strawberry.jpg"); impl.setImage(image); impl.setAttachment(image); impl.sendTimesheetUpdate(timesheet); assertEquals(1,mailSender.getMessageCount()); final List<Message> messages = mailSender.getMimeMessages(); assertEquals(1,messages.size()); final MimeMessage message = (MimeMessage)messages.get(0); final Address[] senders = message.getFrom(); assertEquals(1,senders.length); final InternetAddress from = (InternetAddress)senders[0]; assertEquals(FROM,from.getAddress()); final Address[] recipients = message.getAllRecipients(); assertEquals(1,recipients.length); final InternetAddress to = (InternetAddress)recipients[0]; assertEquals(TO,to.getAddress()); final String subject = message.getSubject(); assertEquals(SUBJECT,subject); boolean messageTextSent = false; boolean messageInlineImageSent = false; boolean messageAttachmentSent = false; final MimeMultipart multipart = (MimeMultipart)message.getContent(); for(int i=0; i< multipart.getCount();i++) { final MimeBodyPart part = (MimeBodyPart)multipart.getBodyPart(i); if( partType(part,"multipart/related")) { final MimeMultipart mm = (MimeMultipart)part.getDataHandler().getContent();
s Note A data view is a dynamic representation of the contents of a data table. Like a SQL view, it doesn t
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