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let args = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() if args.Length <= 2 then let exe = Path.GetFileName(args.[0]) eprintfn "Usage: %s dir pattern" exe exit 1 let directory = args.[1] let pattern = args.[2] for fileName in Directory.GetFiles(directory, pattern) do // Open a file stream for the file name use inputReader = File.OpenText fileName // Create a lex buffer for use with the generated lexer. The lex buffer // reads the inputReader stream. let lexBuffer = Lexing.LexBuffer<_>.FromTextReader inputReader // Open an output channel let outputFile = Path.ChangeExtension(fileName,"html") use outputWriter = (new StreamWriter(outputFile) :> TextWriter) // Write the header fprintfn outputWriter "<html>\n<head></head>\n<pre>" // Run the generated lexer Text2htmllex.convertHtml outputWriter lexBuffer // Write the footer fprintfn outputWriter "</pre>\n</html>\n" main() You can produce an F# source file from the previous lexer definition by running the following command at the Windows command prompt: fslex text2htmllex.fsl --unicode This produces text2htmllex.fs, which contains the implementation of the lexer convertHtml. This lexer is imperative, in that it prints to an output stream instead of returning tokens. The signature of the entry point to the generated lexer is as follows: val Text2HtmlLex.convertHtml: System.IO.TextWriter -> Lexing.Lexbuffer<char> -> unit You can now compile the driver and the lexer together: fsc text2htmllex.fs text2html.fs r FSharp.PowerPack.dll You can run the resulting program as follows, giving a source directory and a file pattern and producing an .html version of each file that matches by applying the HTML conversion: text2html . *.txt
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Let s code a query that uses all this. We want to do the following: Select all the orders that have been handled by employee 5. Select the orders shipped to either France or Brazil. Display only OrderID, EmployeeID, CustomerID, OrderDate, and ShipCountry. Sort the orders by the destination country and the date the order was placed. Does this sound complicated Let s try it. 1. Enter the following query in SSMSE:
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Listing 8-7. PersistDeletes: Module1.vb
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Figure 7-16. Final look of the data table dtPOList
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Figure 11-10. Browser showing application to retrieve name from URL string Once you click the button, the URL parameter is retrieved, and Flex opens an alert popup to display the name, as Figure 11-11 shows.
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In 10, I will discuss using user groups as a tool to secure your board. For now, I ll discuss the mechanics of setting up and modifying user groups.
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Tip Before you buy a new piece of hardware, why not ask the salesperson if it runs under Linux You can
Modifying Data in a Dataset
Because this is the first app to write that requires network support, an extra step is necessary before running. Click on Run, then Debug Configurations. Click on the BlackBerry Simulator entry, and click the new launch configuration icon in the upper left. A new configuration will display. Name it what you like, such as MediaGrabber BlackBerry. Click the Simulator tab and change the Profile from Default Simulator to one of the other choices. Mark the checkbox by the message that starts with Launch
Let s execute sp_Select_All_Employees, which takes no input and returns only a result set, a list of all employees sorted by name. 1. In VBE, create a new Console Application project named 12. When Solution Explorer opens, save the solution. 2. Rename the 12 project CallSp1. Replace the code in Module1.vb with the code in Listing 12-1.
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