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Once you compile and run the application, you can do a lookup for specific host name record types as well as a reverse lookup (see Figure 5-3).
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Although the filenames of packages might seem like cryptic mumbo-jumbo, they actually tell you a great deal about the file. Let s take a look at the package file of the Eye of GNOME image viewer to explain this: eog_2.21.92-0ubuntu1_i386.deb The first element of the filename is the name of the program. In this case, Eye of GNOME has been abbreviated to eog. Abbreviations like this are quite common, because they decrease the length of the filename. But it s important to note that they will be consistent. For as long as Eye of GNOME is supported as a package under Ubuntu, its package filename will always begin with eog. Following the name of the package is the version number of the program in question: 2.21.92-0. This is almost always the version number that will appear if you click Help About when the program is running and is the version number decided on by the developer who created the software. After the version number is the word ubuntu, which indicates that this is a package that has been created specifically for the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Then you see the build version number of the package: 1. This is Ubuntu s own version number, indicating how many times the package has been built (created) by the Ubuntu team. Sometimes, it s necessary to release an updated build of the same version of a program in order to correct an error that was accidentally introduced in the last build version. Sometimes, the program is patched by the Ubuntu team to support a new function. After Ubuntu s build version number is the platform on which the package will run. In this case, i386 indicates that the package will run on all x86-based processors, from 80386 upward (the 486, Pentium, Pentium II, AMD processors, and so on). Sometimes, you might see i686, which means that the package has been optimized for Pentium Pro chips and above (Pentium II, III, IV, and AMD s Athlon range of chips). If the package is created for 64-bit desktop processors, then amd64 will appear there. Optimized versions of packages for particular processors are used only when they might bring a performance boost. For example, there are i686 versions of the Linux kernel and the libc6 library. Even ordinary programs, like OpenOffice.org, can be optimized for their architectures, but the majority of packages that are used under Ubuntu have the i386 designation.
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By specifying a path after the filename, you can ensure the file is saved to a particular remote path. One useful thing to remember is that any command preceded by an exclamation point (!, called a bang in Linux-speak) is executed on the local machine as a shell command. So, if you wanted to remove a file on the local machine, you could type this:
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Figure 2 3. Mac OS X s Activity Monitor
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Go ahead and click on the radio button for NetInstall Image and then click on Continue. You will then be prompted to supply a Network Disk name (as you can see in Figure 68), which will be the name of the volume that the disk image is mounted as and a Description, which can be used to provide more detail about the image that you are creating. Populate these fields as is appropriate for your environment and then choose whether to allow the image to be served from multiple servers using the Image. When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Create button and you will be asked to agree to the licensing agreement (since the installation on the client is automated and no licensing agreement will be presented there).
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<allow-access-from domain="www.site1.com"/> <allow-access-from domain="site2.com"/>
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CHAPTER 2: Media Capture
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Within an XML configuration file you name List_Of_App_Instance.xml, insert the XML shown in Listing 3 8. Listing 3 8. List_Of_App_Instance.xml < xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <listOfAppInstance> <appInstance> <instance>Oracle_01</instance> <type>Oracle</type> <description/> </appInstance> <appInstance> <instance>Siebel_01</instance> <type>Siebel</type> <description/> </appInstance> <appInstance> <instance>Siebel_12</instance> <type>Siebel</type> <description/> </appInstance> </listOfAppInstance> Since unique identifiers are often different for each unique instance of a system, you must create different cross-references for each system. Therefore, you must insert an appInstance node for each instance of an application you will cross-reference, inserting a common type value across instances that are of the same type of system, and which correspond to the appType you created in the List_Of_App_Type.xml configuration file. For instance, you may be running two instances of Siebel, so you would insert two appInstance nodes with a type of Siebel, but give each a unique value in the instance node (for example, Siebel_01 and Siebel_12). Within an XML configuration file you name List_Of_IdXRef.xml, insert the XML shown in Listing 3 9.
In addition to the shapes, brushes, and visual elements mentioned previously, Silverlight has a number of XAML controls. These include the following: Image Glyphs
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