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To get the names of the attributes on the request, portlets may use the
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Creating a New Text File Using vim
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File("/Applications/"); var workingDirectory:File = new File("/"); var nativeProcess:NativeProcess = new NativeProcess(); if (NativeProcess.isSupported) { trace("Native Process Supported"); } var nativeProcessStartupInfo:NativeProcessStartupInfo = new NativeProcessStartupInfo(); nativeProcessStartupInfo.executable = executable; nativeProcessStartupInfo.workingDirectory = workingDirectory; var args:Vector.<String> = new Vector.<String>(); args.push("/Users/Elad/Desktop/foobar.txt"); // open file that was given with the executable application nativeProcessStartupInfo.arguments = args; nativeProcess.addEventListener( NativeProcessExitEvent.EXIT, onExitError ); try { nativeProcess.start(nativeProcessStartupInfo); } catch (error:IllegalOperationError) { trace("Illegal Operation: "+error.toString()); } catch (error:ArgumentError) { trace("Argument Error: "+error.toString()); } catch (error:Error) { trace ("Error: "+error.toString()); } if (nativeProcess.running) { trace ("Native Process Support"); } } public function onExitError(event:NativeProcessExitEvent):void { trace( "Native Process Exit code: "+event.exitCode ); } ]]> </fx:Script> <s:Button id="button" label="Open File foobar.txt with text editor" click="executeNativeProcess();" width="250" /> </s:WindowedApplication>
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A portlet can access some information about the portlet container through the PortletContext object. Other information about the portal server itself is available on the PortalContext object, which we discuss in 7. The getServerInfo() method on the PortletContext object returns a String object that contains the name and the version number of the portlet container:
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You can delete messages by highlighting them and pressing the Delete key. Alternatively, right-click any message (or a selection of them) and select Delete. The message will then be moved to the Trash folder. To empty the Trash folder, right-click the folder, and select Empty Trash, as shown in Figure 27-3.
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that works keep the old working boards around. You ll make a simple firmware change that cannot possibly have any effect on things, but it does. You ll pound your head against the wall for hours (said the man with dents in his head) and then think about trying the same change on the old board. If you have the board, you can make the change and try the fix and immediately isolate the area of the problem hardware as in the new board, or firmware. You will need more than one unit for each stage of your design so plan ahead.
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Not available over Wi-Fi. Extremely limited payload size. Note: You may occasionally hear references to EMS, the Extended Message Service. EMS is a standardized extension of SMS that works by concatenating multiple SMS packets together into a single larger message. EMS was invented to allow sending longer messages, and especially to send small binary data files such as sounds and images. The technology is widely available on handsets, but it has never really taken off in popularity. Given the increasing usage of standard Internet technologies such as email, it seems unlikely that this situation will change anytime soon.
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The WITH clause is optional. If it s not used, OPENXML will produce an edge table, and its contents can be used like any table in a query. Edge tables provide a fine-grained view of an XML document. We won t go into details here, but we will show you in the next example what the edge table for states.xml looks like. You then tested the procedure in a convenient way, declaring a local variable, @xdoc; assigning the text of the XML document to it; and passing it to xml2tbl. (You could have read the XML document from states.xml, but the T-SQL for that is beyond the scope of this book.)
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Prior to ASP.NET 2.0, a data store was never an integrated and built-in part of the application framework. As a developer, you used to do all the work to use a database. ASP and ASP.NET 1.x did not provide a direct interaction with the database for framework-level services. However, ASP.NET 2.0 comes with a host of new features such as membership, roles, and profile management that require a database to store data involved in the functioning of a particular feature. This database can be Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office Access, or anything else. To isolate a specific database from the ASP.NET infrastructure, ASP.NET brings in the concept of the provider model. Figure 11-24 illustrates how the provider model works.
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The rules engine examines facts provided either directly from an orchestration or from a custom fact retriever. The facts provided directly from an orchestration are called short-term facts, and the
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Figure 4-10. When you select to use the Basketball Team flexinode type, its help text appears near the the top of the form.
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