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Integrating QR-Code in vb Server Tidies Up Objects

Note Tags can have parents, which can help organize them, but we wouldn t recommend this unless
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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Figure 10-23. The workflow arguments Select the LookupBook2 activity; in the Properties window, enter the property values as shown in Figure 10-24.
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HttpChannel channel = new HttpChannel(); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel); IMyRemoteObject obj = (IMyRemoteObject) Activator.GetObject( typeof(IMyRemoteObject), "http://localhost:1234/MyRemoteObject.soap"); Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): Reference to rem.obj. acquired"); Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): Will set value to 42"); obj.SetValue(42); Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): Will now read value"); int tmp = obj.GetValue(); Console.WriteLine("Client.Main(): New server side value {0}", tmp);
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You concatenate the three columns Title, FirstName, and LastName into one column titled Person Name using the + operator: select Title + ' ' + FirstName + ' ' + LastName as "Person Name" You specify the WHERE clause with a pattern using the LIKE operator to list all people whose first name consists of a total five characters. As per the WHERE clause, FirstName may begin with any two letters except for I, followed by a, and then any other two letters. You also specify the condition that null values should not be listed from the Title column: where FirstName like '_[^I][a]__' and Title is not null
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Deleting Files and Directories
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Comparing this to the original function, you will see that the difference lies with the if clause, which checks to see if misc/drupal.css is being loaded. While this may seem like a lot of work to do just to avoid loading one style sheet, it is the recommended method to achieve the goal, as it guarantees your upgrade path and doesn t interfere with Drupal s ability to host multiple sites on one codebase.
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s Note If you re from an ADO background, an ADO.NET data reader is like an ADO forward-only/read-only
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Figure 10-19. Yahoo! pipe RSS feeds Let s create an application that retrieves the RSS feeds using e4x. Create a new project and call it YahooPipes. Next, create a new MXML application and name it YahooPipesE4X.mxml, as shown in the following code:
SQL Server 2005 has a new data type, xml, that is designed not just for holding XML documents (which are essentially character strings and can be stored in any character column big enough to hold them), but for processing XML documents. When we discussed parsing an XML document into a DOM tree, we didn t mention that once it s parsed, an XML document can be updated. Element contents and attribute values can be changed. Element occurrences can be added to and removed from the hierarchy. We won t update XML documents here, but the xml data type provides methods to do it. It s a different kind of SQL Server data type, and describing how to exploit it would take a book on its own maybe more than one. Our focus here is on what every database programmer needs to know: how to use the xml type to store and retrieve XML documents.
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Figure 5 25. Adding code to the Expression shape
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