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Global Announcement Hack
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Using Files as Modules
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TIP: You can also click the plus sign (+) to save this server to your Favorite Servers list. Additionally, you can select the clock icon to see recent connection history. Clicking one of the shares in the resulting list will connect you to it. If your system has already obtained a single sign-on ticket from Kerberos (discussed in 1), you won t be prompted for a user name or a password, you ll just see a dialog box in which you can choose the share points to connect to. In Microsoft Windows you can do the same by using the run dialog box and entering the address of a server, but the Mac dialog lets you select multiple servers using the Shift or Command keys. Once you re satisfied with what you ve selected, click OK. You ll see the appropriate shares available under the Shared section in the Finder sidebar. You can also find mounted shares by selecting Computer in the Finder s Go menu (Command+Shift+C) as shown in Figure 4-2.
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import import import import import import import flash.events.Event; flash.events.EventDispatcher; flash.events.IEventDispatcher; mx.core.IPropertyChangeNotifier; mx.events.PropertyChangeEvent; mx.utils.ObjectProxy; mx.utils.UIDUtil;
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CHAPTER 7: Browser
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User Registration Settings
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Default 403 (Access Denied) and Default 404 (Not Found) Pages
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Notice that the table name was enclosed in double quotes. This was necessary because the name had an embedded blank.
AFP Logging
In this opening chapter, I ve covered a broad set of material ranging from what an accessory is and why you might what to program one to the broader aspect of business planning for your accessory creation endeavors. A hardware accessory provides an exciting avenue for the iPhone software developer to create something new and different to set them apart from the pack. Remember, at the time of this writing there were more than 100,000 apps in the App Store. It s hard to stand out among that crowd. At the same time, there very few iPhone accessories on the market and that really opens the playing field for the rest of us. This kind of opportunity comes along very rarely. Both our accessory as well as the iPhone software itself uses interrupts or polling mechanisms as part of an embedded systems approach to software design. An embedded systems approach differs from conventional programming in that a continual
This tool allows you to configure security, membership, and profiles, as well as specific settings for the application and different data providers for these services. This application is using the security settings, so select the Security link and you ll be taken to the security administration screen (see Figure 13-4).
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