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When you are developing with Visual Studio, if you create your web site or service using the file system, Visual Studio will launch the Cassini web server to allow you to test and debug your application. This will use a random port other than port 80, such as port 49906, as in the example in the Creating the Address Service Client section. When following along with the code in this section of this book (as well as any other book where Visual Studio and Cassini are being used), understand that you are likely to have a different port, so your URL will be http://localhost:xxxxx, where xxxxx is the port that was randomly assigned. When you deploy your application to a production web server running IIS, you ll be using port 80. Remember to update proxies or any references to the correct port.
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Note If you want to run the client as well as the server in different logon sessions, you can use the
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s Note The xml data type cannot be used in primary keys.
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And this only differentiates between Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you are not writing an Ajax application, but one that uses a non-ubiquitous technology such as CSS or DHTML, you are left querying the user agent and trusting that the server returns an honest answer. The user agent string is simply a text field that contains what the server believes the browser that is communicating with it is. It is relatively easy to overwrite, and thus, a browser from a mobile device (which doesn t support CSS) could be spoofed into thinking that it is Internet Explorer, and incompatible data would be delivered to it. It s pretty clear that HTML and scripting, while incredibly useful, are reaching the end of their serviceable lives with the growing expectations of users for richer and more dynamic applications. With that in mind, platform vendors have offered a number of technologies that enhance what HTML can do, with examples being things like Java applets, ActiveX controls, and Flash movies. A new technology in 2007 and one that has a number of unique and distinct value propositions that make it a compelling one is Microsoft Silverlight.
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Windows services are executables that run in the background and have no user interface. You can create a Windows Service using Visual Studio 2005 by selecting Windows Service in the New Project dialog box (see Figure 1-11). Windows services are supported on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP Windows Server 2003, and future versions of the operating sys, tem. These versions of Windows are multiuser systems. This means multiple users can be logged on to the system simultaneously. In addition, generally there is no one logged on to the main console (the server itself). Therefore, having a UI for these services is a bit useless.
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break; } } %> </table> </td> </table>
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Let s access Northwind with OLE DB. 1. In Solution Explorer, add a new Visual Basic console application project named OleDbProvider to the 04 solution. Replace the generated code in Module1.vb with the code in Listing 4-2, which shows the changes to Listing 4-1 in bold.
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Caution If your version of phpBB doesn t have the upgrade check functionality in the Administration panel, chances are your installation is incredibly outdated (and is most definitely at risk for security flaws!). An upgrade is highly recommended.
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost | Pstart| Pstop | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 4 | 1599 | | | | 1 | SORT AGGREGATE | | 1 | 4 | | | | |* 2 | FILTER | | | | | | | | 3 | PARTITION RANGE ITERATOR| | | | | KEY | KEY | |* 4 | TABLE ACCESS FULL | T1 | 2500 | 10000 | 1599 | KEY | KEY | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 - filter(TO_NUMBER(:Z)<=TO_NUMBER(:Z)) 4 - filter("T1"."PART_COL">=TO_NUMBER(:Z) AND "T1"."PART_COL"<=TO_NUMBER(:Z)) An estimate of 2,500 is not good, especially since we know the right answer is in the region of 40,000 so where has it come from Starting from a position of incomplete knowledge (note in particular the KEY - KEY option for the partition start and stop in the plan), the optimizer has used table-level statistics (i.e., 1,000,000 rows). In this case, though, there is no information about actual values, so the optimizer has fallen back on some hard-coded constants namely 0.25% for between :bind1 and :bind2 ; the 2,500 rows is 0.0025 * 1,000,000.
Figure 6-11. Configuring the GridView 10. Finally you can build and run the web project and test all of your code and con gurations (Figure 6-12).
public interface GrantedAuthority extends Serializable { String getAuthority(); } Despite this disparity, the fact that these objects are represented as interfaces in Acegi means that we can readily create suitable wrapper or delegating classes to correlate the Acegi security objects with our proprietary implementations. Listing 7-14 shows a part of the implementation I have used to illustrate this convenient aspect of Acegi. An additional entity type has been created that delegates the retrieval of GrantedAuthority objects and the username property to the UserAccount entities. A transient AcegiGrantedAuthority class has also been created to wrap the UserRole entities.
4: Look for another blessed system on another internal drive (similar to CommandOption-Shift-Delete modifier)
You can use the previous method in more recent devices because the APIs are still available. However, if you re like me, you won t like looking at those deprecation warnings. You can easily convert this method to use only nondeprecated APIs by making the following substitutions.
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