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After the plug-in is installed, it will take ownership over different file types such as the HTML and JS extensions. Click to open the index.html file. Don t edit the index.html file in bin-debug or binrelease. That file is written over each time the application is compiled, so all of your changes will be lost.
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Context Parameter Type
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Period_01 between 1 and 3 Period_01 between 4 and 6 Period_01 between 7 and 9 Period_01 between 10 and 12 Cardinality = 1,265 Cardinality = 1,663 Cardinality = 1,929 Cardinality = 2,265 ----- finally, one that s right!
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Portlet Concepts
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In VS, the most common way to display a report to users is the Preview feature. The Preview feature not only shows how a report looks but also lets users print reports. Besides preview and print capabilities, client-side reporting also offers the ability to export reports in Excel and PDF formats. You don t need separate software to render a report in PDF format.
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Equals Less than Greater than Less than or equal to Greater than or equal to Not equal to Not equal to Not less than Not greater than
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gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist 4. At the bottom of the file, type the following on a new line: blacklist modulename
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Push email offers near-instant delivery, provided the device is available. Stored delivery: messages will be delivered even if the recipient is not currently connected to the network. Large messages can be sent and received. Good support for text and binary attachments. Available over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Consistent environment for corporate users.
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If you have an index defined as UNIQUE, then no matter how hard you try, you cannot add a new row whose values in the index columns match the values of any current row. However, there are two actions that you can perform, depending on this setting within an index. When performing multirow inserts, if the IGNORE_DUP_KEY option is specified, then no error is generated within SQL Server if some of the rows being inserted violate the unique index.
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Viewing Logs
Drupal divides the task of categorization into two general concepts: vocabularies and terms. A vocabulary represents a general concept and is collection of words or phrases that are all different ways of describing the same thing. A term is a word or phrase providing a concrete example of the vocabulary s general concept. For example, if Animals were a vocabulary, dog, bird, fish, and cow would all be terms in it. If you were trying to categorize the news, you might use terms like International, State, and Local to describe the different types of news. In Drupal, that structure would be represented with a vocabulary News that has three terms: News International State Local Vocabularies can be assigned to different content types. This allows you to categorize every post of that type using the terms in the vocabulary. If you were to assign the News vocabulary to story types, every time you created a new story, you would have the choice of categorizing it as International, State, or Local. When the content is viewed, Drupal displays category links indicating how the content has been categorized and leading to pages that show other content in the same category. These features alone make categories a great tool for organizing the content on your web site. They allow visitors to get to all of the posts that have been made within a certain category and give content creators an opportunity to classify the content they are creating. The category system is capable of much more, however. The hierarchy of a vocabulary is not limited to a simple list of terms. For example, you could expand the International term of the News taxonomy to have subcategories as well: News International Politics Business Travel Here, the International term has three subterms: Politics, Business, and Travel. In this case, those three terms have International as a parent. If each term can have only one parent,
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