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Where are some good places to go when you are looking for networking Well, I have already talked about the value of professional associations. If you attend events sponsored by your professional association, you would at least know that others attending the event are people in the same field or industry as yourself. That could make conversations a little easier. Some common places to meet others would be conferences, user groups, local events, and training seminars. If you want to build a mutually beneficial relationship with someone else then you need to make certain that you both have something of value and interest to each other. It makes little sense to be shopping for car headlights in a pool supply store, so why would you network in a room filled with people outside your profession or field of interest However, I see and hear about this exact situation from people that tell me how disappointed they are with networking events. Make certain you are in the right room to begin with before complaining about how bad your results are.
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Overall, your life will be easier on a lot of different levels if you will be able to minimize the third-party solutions. If you do bring in a third-party solution, then it should have its own total cost of ownership justification. For example, if you estimate that the cost of managing and maintaining a secondary directory service (including training, equipment, setup) for a Dual Directory is more than licensing Centrify for 10,000 users, especially considering that an Active Directory administrator who knows little to nothing about a Mac can manage it, then you have a clear decision in front of you at the tail end of year one, if not sooner. Overall, the most cost effective method of producing managed preferences is going to be extending your Active Directory schema. But there are still a number of cases where third-party solutions will need to be leveraged----try to use these as ways to drive down the total cost of ownership by leveraging advanced features of each solution to enable more automation for your environment. Make sure that the business cost here is known by all, especially those responsible for making these types of budgeting decisions.
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GIF Animation
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A new popular solution is HTTP video streaming, which is sometimes called PHP streaming since PHP is mostly used for this solution. The idea is to overcome the limitations of progressive download and offer streaming without the need to upload software to a server that s usually expensive and complicated to install. This is accomplished by using a small server-side script.Progressive download doesn t allow seeking to a location that hasn t yet been downloaded; HTTP streaming handles seeking differently. When a seek operation is performed, the application makes a request to the server-side script to play the file starting from a certain position. The script then starts the video from the offset given.
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This chapter outlines the basic concepts and terms that you will encounter in the book. We talk in broad terms about the strengths and weaknesses of portlets, and we give you an overview of some of the technologies that we cover more fully in later chapters.
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Figure 4-7. The Raid Admin utility
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Assuming you save the DateField in an instance variable, you can query it later to discover what time the user has selected. If you d like to immediately update your UI when a change is made, you can call setChangeListener() to receive notifications of updates. The following code shows how you can read the selected Unix time into a more accessible Calendar object.
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CHAPTER 17: Network Scanning, Intrusion Detection, and Intrusion Prevention Tools
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Rather than writing the same inline code (C#, XSLT, and so on) and pasting it in multiple shapes, or using a combination of multiple existing functoids, you can develop your own custom functoid. As an example, we ll describe the process to develop, deploy, and use a custom functoid that replaces the ampersand (&), greater than (>), and less than (<) symbols with their HTML/XML equivalents. The functoid will have one input parameter and one output parameter, representing the string on which to run the replacement. This functoid would be used primarily with XML that may be returned from an external source, such as a .NET assembly, where the XML may not have been validated and contains characters that must be escaped. Use the following steps to create, deploy, and use a custom functoid. Refer to the sample solution SampleCustomFunctoid.sln included with this book. 1. 2. Create a new Class Library .NET project. Functoids can be coded in any .NET language. This example is implemented in C#. Add a reference to the Microsoft.BizTalk.BaseFunctoids.dll assembly located in the %\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010\Developer Tools directory. Create a resource file (resx) to store the functoid configuration parameters. The name of the file and the parameters should match what is shown in Listing 3 20.
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Using the common identifier, destination system instance, and destination entity type, retrieve the destination identifier by calling the Get Application ID functoid.
Effective Index Selectivity
When building table definitions, there can be columns defined as NULL and columns that have NOT NULLs, or, if using the Table Designer, you can check or uncheck the Allow Nulls option. These two different statements define whether data must be entered into the column or not. A NULL value means that there is absolutely nothing entered in that column no data at all. A column with a NULL value is a special data state, with special meaning. This really means that the type of data within the column is unknown. If a field has a NULL value, no data has been inserted into the column. This also means that you have to perform special function statements within any T-SQL code to test for this value. Take the example of a column defined to hold characters, but where one of the rows has a NULL value within it. If you completed a SQL function that carried out string manipulation, then the row with the NULL value would cause an error or cause the row not to be included in the function without any special processing. However, there are times when the use of NULL is a great advantage.
When we create a dataset and data table, the Visual Studio IDE writes some cool code for us to manage the input and output of data in the dataset. In this reporting project, I made use of this code to add branch-related data to the data table. With the help of the NewdtChartRow() method, I created an empty row for the data table. After that, I set the values of each column inside the data table like this: dtChart.Branch = "Toronto". Finally, I called method AdddtChartRow() to add the newly created row to the data table. This is one cool benefit we get by using a typed dataset (revisit 3 to review typed datasets).
The portlet deployment descriptor has to comply with the portlet API XML schema definition file. One basic best practice is to use a validating XML editor any time you edit a deployment descriptor it is too easy to edit one with a regular text editor like Notepad or vi and accidentally forget to escape an entity or something similar. The <portlet-app> element of the deployment descriptor is the root of the XML document. The root is the container for information about the portlets in the portlet application. It also contains any custom portlet modes, custom window states, user attributes, or security constraints that the portlet application supports. For our first portlet, we are only going to describe a portlet. The next element in the portlet.xml deployment descriptor is <portlet>, which represents one of the available portlets in the portlet application. There can be more than one <portlet> element under a <portlet-app> element. We define each portlet that could be included in a portal here as a <portlet> element. We go on to give the portlet an optional description, which could be used by the portal to display information about the portlet to a portal administrator or users who are customizing their portal page to include relevant portlets. We will use our <description> element to include some information about the portlet. The <description> element is optional. The next element underneath <portlet> is <portlet-name>, which is required. This name has to be unique across all portlets in the portlet application. The portal
So much for obtaining information about result sets. You ll now learn how to get information about schemas.
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