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Virtual desktops: If you use virtual desktops, as described in 7, you ll be pleased to know that the desktop effects system enhances the experience. Press Windows+E to get a miniature view of your virtual desktops arranged in a grid, as shown in Figure 10-7. (Note that the figure shows four virtual desktops; the default setting on an Ubuntu system is only two desktops.) To switch to a virtual desktop, just point your mouse to the virtual desktop of choice and double-click. You can also switch from one virtual desktop to another from the desktop by moving the mouse pointer to an empty area of the desktop and then turning the mouse wheel, which will cause the desktops to slide sideways out of view. Press Ctrl+Alt+arrow key for the same effect. As you navigate from one virtual desktop to another, a grid where each cell represents each virtual desktop will appear in the center of the screen, and a cell will be highlighted for a short period of time to let you know which virtual desktop you are on right now.
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// prepare and load crystal reports viewer rptCR reportCR = new rptCR(); // add typed dataset as data source reportCR.SetDataSource(dsReport.Tables[0]); // hide group tree which is visible by default for full view of // report crystalReportViewer1.DisplayGroupTree = false; // bind report instance with crystal report viewer for user display crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = reportCR; } catch (Exception ex) { //display generic error message back to user MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); } finally { //check if connection is still open then attempt to close it if (conReport.State == ConnectionState.Open) { conReport.Close(); } } } } } This code is almost the same as the code we ve used in past reporting projects. The main difference here is the use of two different ReportViewers. As you can see, in the case of CR, we need to instantiate the rptCR object and set a reference to its data source with our typed dataset table[0]. This code also hides the group tree of the CR ReportViewer to show the full report view, as no data group is applied for this report.
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Coding the User Interface
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Assume that your financial application is bilingual in nature. That is, your system works in English and Arabic. To meet this criterion, you need to create the Arabic version of the Chart of Accounts report. Keep all the functionality the same as the English version; you have to make sure all cosmetic changes are in place including the right-to-left interface of the Arabic language. Your report should meet all characteristics described in Table 5-16, and the report output should match Figure 5-55. Table 5-16. Report Characteristics
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Adding Headers and Footers
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The easiest way to protect yourself as a web site user is to follow links only from the main web site you are visiting. If you visit one web site and it links to another one, visit their main site and use their search engine to find the page you would otherwise have been visiting. This eliminates the possibility of encountering most XSS attacks. Another way to protect yourself from XSS attacks is to turn off JavaScript in your browser settings, as explained in 7. As a web site administrator, properly filtering user input will help you avoid many code injection vulnerabilities. If your web site has forms, do not trust the input as valid. Certain characters can allow unintended results. Convert < and > to < and >. You should also filter out ( and ) by translating them to ( and ). You should convert # and & to # (#) and & (&). You should remove ' and " from input completely.
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Note When you are binding a collection of data to a DataGrid or ListBox, you may be tempted to use the List generic class. The problem with using the List class is that it does not have built-in change notifications for the collection. In order to bind a DataGrid and ListBox to dynamic data that will be updated, you should use the ObservableCollection generic class. The ObservableCollection class represents a collection of dynamic data that provides built-in notification when items in the collection are added, removed, or refreshed.
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After you have created a menu using the administrative interface, you need to tell Drupal where to show it. Navigate to the block administration page (admin/block), and you will see your new custom menu listed as a block. Enable the block and customize it to your liking (as discussed in 2). Then it will then appear on your site.
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Out of the box, the Child Window can only operate as a modal dialog, which means that it has to disable the content of the application while it is open. However, at times you may prefer to have the child window behave more like a standard window. Good news! The Child Window was developed out of the Silverlight Toolkit project on CodePlex, and as a result, you have access to the entire source code under the Ms-PL license. You can download the source from http://www.codeplex.com/silverlight and make any modifications you d like, including refactoring the Child Window to operate not only as a modal dialog, but also as a standard floating and draggable window.
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Figure 2-9. Adding tabs to the Toolbox Now right-click on the new tab, and select Delete. This will permanently remote the tab from the Toolbox. You will notice that the Delete option is only available for custom tabs.
Try It Out: STR()
CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
xmlns:mx= library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx creationComplete="creationCompleteHandler()" resize="onResize()"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import mx.core.UIComponent; private var htmlWin:HTMLLoader; protected function creationCompleteHandler():void { var ref:UIComponent = new UIComponent(); htmlWin = new HTMLLoader(); htmlWin.width = width; htmlWin.height = height; ref.addChild( htmlWin ); addElement( ref ); htmlWin.load( new URLRequest( '/1.pdf' ) ); } private function onResize():void { if ( htmlWin ) { htmlWin.width = width; htmlWin.height = height; } }
In this section, you ll look at what it takes to create an address service similar to that in earlier chapters. However, as this is a WCF service, you ll be able to take it to the next level with some simple configuration changes for example, adding reliability, security, and transactable characteristics to it. First, create the service using the WCF Service template in the File New dialog. Next, add a new DataSet to it. The DataSet should be based on the following SQL, which makes a parameterized query against the database, filtering the addresses by the ZIP code associated with it. Here s the SQL:
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