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Here are examples of how to use some of the functions from Table 3-9. The last two examples use function values, which we cover in more detail in Introducing Function Values later in this chapter. > List.head [5; 4; 3];; val it : int = 5 > List.tail [5; 4; 3];; val it : int list = [ 4; 3 ] > List.map (fun x -> x*x) [1; 2; 3];; val it : int list = [ 1; 4; 9 ] > List.filter (fun x -> x % 3 = 0) [2; 3; 5; 7; 9];; val it : int list = [ 3; 9 ]
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public long getCreationTime()
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BatchedOrderMessages = null; BatchingPipelineInput.Add(CanonicalOrderValidatedMessage); BatchingPipelineInput.Add(CanonicalOrderStatusMessage); Microsoft.XLANGs.Pipeline.XLANGPipelineManager.ExecuteSendPipeline (typeof(OrderProcessing.BatchOrderAndStatusMessagesSendPipeline), BatchingPipelineInput, BatchedOrderMessages); 8. Build and deploy the solution.
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Figure 17-12. The Subscribe to Comments plug-in administration page
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Pidgin Internet Messenger
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Summing Figures
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Network Information
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shared printers on your network.
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Following this, the NetworkManager icon will display the signal strength of the connection for as long as you re connected. By clicking it, you ll be able to see at a glance what network you re connected to. If you want to switch networks, just click the NetworkManager icon and select a different network in the list.
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// push on the stack and pass the call to the next sink // the old priority will be used as "state" for the response sinkStack.Push(this,oldprio); ServerProcessing spres = _next.ProcessMessage (sinkStack, requestMsg, requestHeaders, requestStream, out responseMsg,out responseHeaders,out responseStream); // restore priority if call is not asynchronous if (spres != ServerProcessing.Async) { if (lcc != null && lcc.GetData("priority") != null) { Console.WriteLine(" -> Post-execution change back to {0}",oldprio); Thread.CurrentThread.Priority = oldprio; } } return spres; } The sink provider for the server-side sink is quite straightforward. It looks more or less the same as those for the previous IServerChannelSinks. On the client side, some minor inconveniences stem from this approach. Remember that you implemented an IMessageSink and not an IClientChannelSink in this case. Looking for an IMessageSinkProvider will not give you any results, so you ll have to implement an IClientChannelSink provider in this case as well even though the sink is in reality an IMessageSink. The problem with this can be seen when looking at the following part of the IClientChannelSinkProvider interface:
<add key="Server1" value="tcp://localhost:1234/MyServer.rem" /> <add key="Server2" value="http://localhost/ClientWebRemoting/SecondIntermed.soap" /> </appSettings> </configuration> In this case, you can use the following code for getting the URLs of the two servers from the configuration files when using manual configuration of .NET Remoting: // calling first server Console.WriteLine("\r\nCalling first server..."); url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["Server1"]; ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(new TcpChannel()); factory = (IRemoteFactory)Activator.GetObject( typeof(IRemoteFactory), url); p = factory.GetPerson(); System.Console.WriteLine(">> Person retrieved: {0} {1}, {2}", p.Firstname, p.Lastname, p.Age.ToString()); System.Console.WriteLine(); // calling second server Console.WriteLine("Calling second server..."); url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["Server2"]; ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(new HttpChannel()); factory = (IRemoteFactory)Activator.GetObject( typeof(IRemoteFactory), url); p = factory.GetPerson(); System.Console.WriteLine(">> Person retrieved: {0} {1}, {2}", p.Firstname, p.Lastname, p.Age.ToString()); System.Console.WriteLine(); For client-activated objects, you have to use the Activator.CreateInstance() method instead of the Activator.GetObject() method. When doing so, you have to specify the type as well as an activation URL within the parameters as can be seen in the following code snippet: string Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["Server1"]; System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation.UrlAttribute urlattr = new System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation.UrlAttribute (Url); object[] actparams = {urlattr}; server = (YourServerType)Activator.CreateInstance( typeof(YourServerType),null, actparams); The UrlAttribute class can be found in the System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation namespace and specifies the activation URL for the client-activated object in that case.
You ll input a raw SQL query here. In the query box, type the following line to check who has administrator rights, substituting <yourprefix> with the database prefix you selected while setting up your phpBB (typically phpbb): SELECT user_id, username FROM <yourprefix>_users WHERE user_level = 1 To check to see which users have moderator permissions, run this query: SELECT user_id, username FROM <yourprefix>_users WHERE user_level = 2 The queries return the user ID number assigned by phpBB at registration and the username of the empowered users, in a table structured like the one shown in Figure 10-2.
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