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Kerberos.app and Ticket Viewer are fairly limited in what they can do. There is no interface for managing service principles and each option has very few parameters, whereas with the command line there are a plethora of options and parameters. For example, to list the tickets the current user has cached, you can use the klist command:
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Figure 6 13. Invalid cross-thread access error
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// length of the employee node
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using System.Windows.Navigation; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media; 2. Paste the following OnNavigatedTo method (or add to that method if you are continuing from the Extras walkthrough). Note how the basic operation is that of reading a query string passed in, determining whether there is a value for the FileId parameter, and then trying to retrieve the photo from the Media Library by that token ID. try { IDictionary<string, string> queryStrings = this.NavigationContext.QueryString; if (queryStrings.ContainsKey("FileId")) { MediaLibrary library = new MediaLibrary(); Picture picture = library.GetPictureFromToken(queryStrings["FileId"]); BitmapImage bitmap = new BitmapImage(); bitmap.SetSource(picture.GetImage()); WriteableBitmap picLibraryImage = new WriteableBitmap(bitmap); imgPhoto.Source = picLibraryImage; } } catch (Exception ex) {
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5 11. Using the Loop Shape
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get { return ((bool)(base.GetValue(QCPolicy.ReviewProperty))); } set { base.SetValue(QCPolicy.ReviewProperty, value); } } public static DependencyProperty PriorityProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("Priority", typeof(string), typeof(QCPolicy)); [DescriptionAttribute("Priority")] [CategoryAttribute("Output Category")] [BrowsableAttribute(true)] [DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] public string Priority { get { return ((string)(base.GetValue(QCPolicy.PriorityProperty))); } set { base.SetValue(QCPolicy.PriorityProperty, value); } } After entering this code, right-click anywhere on the code file and choose View Designer. This will display the workflow designer. The Properties window of a PolicyActivity is shown in Figure 20-5.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>cluster_name</key>
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Note Singletons have an associated lifetime as well, so be sure to override the standard lease time if you
Follow these steps to test the solution: 1. Place the customer test file in the file folder being monitored by BizTalk Server by the file receive port just created. BizTalk Server will consume the file, launch the orchestration, and send the updategram to SQL Server via the SQL send port configured. Verify that the record inserted successfully into the Customer ustomer table.
nection, you can click the IP Host or Network radio button, and then type in that , address. However, the default of Anyone will allow anyone using any IP address to connect to your computer.
So, with all considerations in mind, we have devised an appropriate permissions hierarchy to allow students and teachers to securely utilize their file storage, shown in Figure 4 2.
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Faking Frequency Histograms
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