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Authentication Protocols in Windows
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Figure 14-8. ADO.NET Transactions form
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The Calendars mode of Evolution allows you to keep an appointments diary. Entries can be added in half-hour increments to the working day, and you can easily add events to days that are weeks, months, or even years in advance. Viewing a day s appointments is as simple as clicking its entry in the monthly view at the top right of the program window.
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Figure 2-34. BOL index
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Ring It
Using a spreadsheet or a sign-in sheet to indicate when log files have been reviewed is an excellent way to establish accountability for log checking. You can also track when logs are backed up to optical media (or some other form of storage) if you choose to do so. The following are the items to include in your regularly scheduled log reviews: When were the periodic maintenance scripts (daily, weekly, and monthly) last run You can easily find this using ls l /var/log/*.out to see when their log files were last updated. Was there anything out of the ordinary in those logs Were there bad password attempts Look for repeated bad password attempts in the log for any service that accepts a network connection, such as the smb.log (if there are Windows computers on your network) or ftp.log (if you are sharing files through FTP). Look for any bad password attempts, and check for privilege escalations in secure.log. Review the history command to check for strange commands and the last command to look for weird user logins. If you re running Parallels or Bootcamp, check your Windows Event Viewer. The access.log file in the /private/var/log /cups/access_log folder shows all the CUPS activity on your print server. The logs located in the /private/var/log/samba directory deal with access attempts from Windows computers.
Before the changes are committed, however, the Execute() method checks to see whether there is a transaction defined in this context. It does this by using the RuntimeTransactionHandle class. The Properties property of the NativeActivityContext contains a collection of execution properties. If there is an ambient transaction defined for this context, it will be included in this collection. The ExecutionPropertyName property of the RuntimeTransactionHandle class defines the name of the transaction handle. This is passed to the Find() method. The result from the Find() method is cast as a RuntimeTransactionHandle. If the RuntimeTransactionHandle was found, the transaction is obtained and passed to the data context class using the Enlist() method. When this happens, the database changes are written to the database but not committed yet. They will be committed when all the updates in this transaction have completed. If there is a subsequent failure, the transaction, including these updates, will be rolled back.
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