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2. You now need to find your PGP key ID using Seahorse. Click Applications Accessories Passwords
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Client Callback Object
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An Overview of the Screen and Graphics Card Settings
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Ciphertext Letter
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Adding a Printer
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NOTE: For official snort training, see
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But what about security within the application How do you know that the app itself isn t just storing up all the card numbers it reads and that nice little old lady selling tomatoes from her van isn t going to go home and clean out everyone The fact is that you don t. And that s where PCI comes in. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council is a group of credit card providers (American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa) that have formed a regulatory board that enforces security standards on, among other things, vendors of transaction processors such as credit card apps for the iPhone. When the Government decided that individuals would only be responsible for a maximum $50 of fraudulent charges on stolen credit cards, that burden shifted to the credit card providers. The companies banded together to try and minimize their losses (estimated at over $4 billion annually). NOTE: PCI security standards encompass a lot more than just credit card processing applications. For more information, go to For developers of applications that process credit cards, whether it be iPhone apps such as the one shown in Figure 8 3 or simple web apps that use the https:// post mechanism, come July 1, 2010 all applications must be certified by the PCI Security Council. What this means is that any applications that are not certified as being in compliance will not be usable.
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Exchange data in XML format and use the standard Flex HTTPService component to call the Ruby methods. Exchange data in object format streamed over the binary AMF protocol and use a custom component on the Flex side to facilitate the HTTP-based calls.
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CHAPTER 8: Improving the Design
Designing the Body Section
Web Application Deployment Descriptor
Remember that checklist Good, because you need it in order to chart your progress over the coming weeks. As a DBA, a lot of your work is done behind the scenes. In fact, people will often wonder what it is you do all day, since much of your work is never actually seen by the end users. Your checklist will serve you well when you try to show people some of the tangible results that you have been delivering. No matter how many people you meet and greet in the coming weeks, unless you can provide some evidence of tangible results to your manager and others, people will inevitably wonder what it is you do all day long. If your initial checklist shows that you have twenty-five servers, six of which have data and logs on the C: drive, and two others that have no backups at all, it is going to be easy for you to report later that your twentyfive servers now have backups running and all drives configured properly. In the end, it is not your effort that people will remember. It is the end result. Make certain you keep good track of your progress so that the facts can help provide people a way to understand exactly what you have been delivering.
Figure 15-2. Specifying an FTP web site
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