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Scanning can be performed on a single host or a whole network. Scanning with a vulnerability scanner allows you to rapidly review your computer and the computers on your network for known security holes such as outdated software. You can then move on to penetration testing, which typically starts by going a step beyond scanning and into using automated tools that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities. Be very careful when trying to access any open ports you may find. Brute-forcing an FTP or a web server can land you in a pile of trouble. As a rule of thumb, if attempting to access a service requires a password, you probably shouldn t be there. In fact, in some jurisdictions, accessing a resource without permission is illegal, even when it is configured to allow anonymous access. However, if you access something important and the system doesn t ask you for a password, then this is a problem that should be resolved immediately.
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your application. Use the Website ASP.NET Configuration option in Visual Studio.
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We now have loaded both our existing principals and our new principals into memory. The next step is to write out all of the loaded principals to our local file via the wkt option:
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How It Works
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var a = ['Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3', 'Item 4']; Array.removeAt(a,1); // will also remove 'Item 2' from the array
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during the stop operation with error message {1} ", ex.ErrorId, ex.Message); MessageBox.Show(errorMessage); } }
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Figure 15-6. Toggle visibility on the product category to create a drill-down effect. That s it; that is what we need to create a drill-down effect. Now, let s move on and take care of headings for the product category and subcategory. Select Data Source dsProductDrilldown CategoryName and drag and drop it inside the first column of group header 1. When you drag and drop, the default name of the text box gets changed to the data column name. Therefore, in this case, make sure to change the text box name from CategoryName back to textbox9. This action will also add the group header Category Name automatically. It is your choice to accept it or change the group header according to your needs. Repeat the step to target TableRow3 and the second column for SubCategoryName. As you know, one of the requirements for the report is the count of products for each product category. We can easily achieve this by specifying the following expression in the second column of TableRow2: ="Total Count: " & Count(Fields!SubCategoryName.Value, "table1_Group1") As you can see, we are using the Count() function to include all the subcategories falling under the data group table1_Group1. Please make sure your report design surface looks similar to the one shown in Figure 15-7.
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The previous example demonstrated how a web site can use CardSpace on the client site to request and receive client credentials. In this section, you ll step through what it takes to build this application and run it on IIS. While CardSpace works on IIS 5, 6, and 7, this tutorial demonstrates installing certificates on IIS 7.
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How It Works
Figure 9-6. Moving Web Parts during runtime in design mode Here we changed the layout of the Web Parts to have the weather information on the right side of the page and the calendar on the left, leaving the middle of the page blank. Feel free to experiment and try moving your Web Parts to the different zones on the page. When nished, click on the DropDownList to choose Browse, which will end the edit mode session. That was a long exercise, but it was definitely worth seeing the functionality of using Web Parts. Now let s move on to user profiles.
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CHAPTER 8: Improving the Design
To restrict access to an LDAP database and allow users to change their own LDAP information in the shared address book, you ll need to add an LDAP ACL to your slapd.conf file. To do this, add the following series of lines (we will go into further detail on LDAP ACLs later in this chapter):
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