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The common registry approach is something of a compromise between the true and proxy SSO solutions. While it does not require full implementation of a GSS-API compliant system, it does require some changes to any legacy systems involved. The idea is that a central system is used to carry out all authentication, but that users are prompted for usernames and passwords each time they access a different system. However, subsequent access to the same systems within the login session does not require reauthentication. Perhaps the term Single Sign-On is a misnomer here, since of course the user is making multiple login efforts, but because a single username and password combination is required, far less is required of the user. In practice this is often a satisfactory solution, and it has the advantage that it is compatible with a migration to the True SSO solution as the legacy systems are retired. In a portlet environment, the attraction of this approach is less obvious, since it is possible that users would be initially presented with a great number of portlets on their home page, each and every one of which could initially demand a username and password before they can be used!
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public class SqlHelper { private static string strConn;
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getAttributeNames() method. This method returns an Enumeration of the attribute names, or an empty Enumeration if there are no request attributes.
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CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
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Next we have the DML, which is the part of SQL used to manipulate the data in your database. Four main statements form the DML: Select, Insert, Update, and Delete. Select The Select statement is used to retrieve data from the database. You can use the Select statement to retrieve data from tables or views. The Select statement can be very complex; however, for our purposes, we can look at it like this: Select <column1>, <column2> FROM <table> WHERE <condition1> In this syntax you can see that the structure is very straightforward. Here is an example of a simple Select statement against the earlier Employee table example (assuming, of course, that it is not dropped). SELECT SSN, FirstName, LastName FROM Employee This Select statement is very functional. But for efficiency reasons, you may want a smaller result set because you know you are dealing with a particular employee and it helps to target the data. The previous statement will return all employees, but this one will return only the employee with the specified SSN: SELECT SSN, FirstName, LastName FROM Employee WHERE SSN=123456789 We have shown you some relatively basic SQL here just to get you familiar with what it looks like. You will see more of this throughout the book as you build your applications. If it is a little confusing for now, don t worry; it will all be clear soon enough.
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Tip You can start F# Interactive in Visual Studio by selecting View Other Windowsand then selecting F#
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Grid definitions can get somewhat complex at times. Nesting Grid components can be confusing.
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ClickOnce supports a mechanism where you can pass the ClickOnce-deployed application parameters. By default, this option is not enabled when you configure an application for deployment using Visual Studio 2005. To enable arguments to be passed to your application, go to Project Properties Publish, and click the Options button. In the Publish Options dialog box, check the Allow URL Parameters to Be Passed to Application option. To pass parameters, you can then construct the URL to your deployment manifest with URL parameters such as http://localhost/ClickOnceURLParams/ClickOnceURLParams.application username=sayed& password=mypass. You can retrieve URL parameters by using the HttpUtility class in the System.Web assembly. The following code snippet demonstrates this: private void DisplayURLParameters() { try { Uri appUri = System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationDeployment. CurrentDeployment.ActivationUri; if (appUri != null) {
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Figure 3-14. Namespace support in XmlTextWriter As you can see in Figure 3-14, there are text boxes for accepting the namespace URI and prefix from the user. The modified code that adds namespace support is shown in Listing 3-8. Listing 3-8. Namespace Support in XmlTextWriter private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection(textBox1.Text); SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(); cmd.Connection = cnn; cmd.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM " + textBox2.Text; cnn.Open(); SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();
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Display currently loaded kernel modules Display any files currently in use Display specified command s manual Display MD5 checksum (normally used to confirm a file s integrity after download) DANGEROUS! Create specified file system on specified device (such as a floppy disk) -t: Specify type of file system -u: Limit results to files used by specified user
as long as updates aren t happening on a frequent basis, like in an OLTP system. As the name Online Analytical Processing suggests, in this system a large amount of the processing involves analysis of existing data. There should be little or no updating of that data ostensibly only when the data within the analysis is found to be incorrect or, as mentioned previously, when more data is being applied for analysis. Backing up the data will probably take place only as a final action, after the database has had changes applied to it. There is no need to make it a regular occurrence. Systems designed for OLAP sometimes do not follow any design standards or normalization techniques, and most certainly have fewer indexes than an OLTP system. You tend to see no normalization in an OLAP system, as it is easier to take data and to slice and dice it without having to bring in data from a normalized table. There will be few or no updates taking place in an OLAP system, so performing transactions and keeping them compact aren t concerns. Most OLAP systems will contain no normalization. Quite often, you ll find one or two large flat tables rather than several tables related together and therefore as there are fewer relationships, there will be fewer indexes.
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Figure 13-4. Final look of the data table dtBarcode
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