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{ int GetAge(); Person GetPerson(); void UploadPerson(Person p); } [Serializable] public class Person { public int Age; public string Firstname, Lastname; public Person(string first, string last, int age) { this.Age = age; this.Firstname = first; this.Lastname = last; } } } The server component will be a server-activated object that supports three operations: getting the current age, getting a Person, and uploading a Person. The shared library uses the strong name key pair of the server for signing the assembly. Remember that strong names are a good idea for versioning, although versioning with interfaces does not require strong names (but you will see how to extend the sample later in terms of changing the serialized type and then strong naming is necessary). The first version of the server s implementation can be seen in Listing 8-12. It just implements the preceding interface. Listing 8-12. The First Version of the Server using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Reflection; System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
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protected var isPlaying:Boolean = false;
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You can use the rrset-order command to define how round-robin requests are forwarded. The default rrset order is cyclic. There are three different options for record handling:
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Table 15-2. User Levels
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Each object such as a form, control, and so on has a lot of properties you may need to set while working with any application. To help you navigate the many properties listed in the Properties window, you can sort them either by category or alphabetically. Let s look at each of these sorting options.
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Note Contrary to the traditional advice, there are cases where you can make sort operations complete
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constraints only with simple and/or relationships. By adding more than one constraint, an additional drop-down list will appear that will allow you to define the constraint relationship.
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Tip In all the OpenOffice.org applications, you can hover the mouse cursor over each button for one
It s unlikely that, in general use, you ll need to add, remove, or otherwise manipulate the list of software repositories, above and beyond what we ve described in 18, when you enabled the Skype repository.
CHAPTER 10: Porting Your App
It may be worth noting that data is still data, and that even though you are a volunteer, you need to be careful not to bite off more than you can chew and make a serious mistake. A programming mistake is not as disastrous as a DBA mistake. Be as responsible in your volunteer work as in your paid work.
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