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1. Click the Northwind node in Object Explorer. This makes Northwind the context in which you ll execute your SQL. Click New Query. Enter the SQL as in Figure 10-14, then click Execute.
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phpBB is equipped, by default, with a great deal of functionality for customizing and operating your community. You can even add additional features via modifications, if you so desire. phpBB s administrative features permit you to Decide who is allowed to do what: Using the permissions system, you can set your forums to be registration-only, and configure what types of users can do what. You can go as far as restricting guests from viewing certain forums, if you desire. Paired with the groups system, permissions are a pervasive feature in phpBB. Manage groups of users: You can use phpBB s usergroups feature to apply common characteristics, such as permission levels, to a group of people, such as your moderators. You can assign groups as moderators of forums, which is particularly useful if you want to have a group that can moderate every forum. Keep forums clean with automatic pruning: You can set certain forums to automatically clean themselves up with phpBB s automatic pruning (commonly referenced in phpBB as autoprune) feature, which identifies inactive threads and eradicates them, helping to keep your community operating smoothly and to eliminate deadwood. Mass e-mail your members: If you have a major announcement about your boards, you can simply use the mass e-mail feature to contact your members. You can also limit contact to certain groups in contrast to all users in bulk. Back up and restore your database without tangling with command-line utilities: phpBB s administration panel offers backup and restore functionality, which dumps the contents of your phpBB database to a file on your hard drive. This functionality is especially useful for people who may or may not have command-line access to their server, as not all hosts provide that functionality.
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In the previous exercise, you created an Entity Data Model named NorthwindModel; in this exercise, you will see how this Entity Data Model will help developers achieve schema abstraction and modify the database without touching the data access code throughout the project or in the Data Access Layer (DAL). 1. Start SQL Server Management Studio Express, expand the Database node, expand the Northwind database node, and then expand the Tables node. In the list of tables, expand the dbo.Employees node and then expand the Columns folder. 2. Select the LastName column, right-click, and select the Rename option. Rename the LastName column to EmployeesLastName.
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Deploying Your Service Tier
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fibreconfig -c 10:00:00:05:1C:B2:90:1A -s 4gigabit fibreconfig -c 10:00:00:05:1C:B2:90:1A -s 4gigabit
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Just as a sparseimage adds flexibility over standard static disk images due to their reduced spaced consumption, sparse bundles introduce additional flexibility over sparse
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existence of null values: they can come from the .NET APIs, and it s also possible to use Array.zeroCreate and other back-door techniques to generate null values for F# types. If necessary, APIs can check for this condition by first converting F# values to the obj type by calling box and then testing for null (see the F# Informal Language Specification for full details). But in practice, this isn t required by the vast majority of F# programs; for most purposes, the existence of null values can be ignored.
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Text = "Goodbye Lenin"}
Note You might notice that some Linux old-hands avoid using spaces in filenames and use an underscore
Figure 10-30. UMap with menu to choose the map provider As seen from the previous example, using UMap you can provide the user with the ability to switch to the three popular maps and it s easy to use and integrate.
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