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Simple script to show numeric representation of character strings Repeat of the preceding, using a multibyte character set Demonstration of cardinality problems due to incorrect data types Creates a simple function to calculate the numeric value used by the optimizer to represent a string Problems with zero-padded character strings used for sequence numbers
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Very simple layout.
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Make POST calls as well as GET calls. Send parameters along with the request. Invoke URL(s) that are accessible over the secure HTTPS protocol. Implement a notion of a user session for purposes like authentication or personalization. Invoke URL(s) that originate from domains that define a security policy using crossdomain.xml. Invoke URL(s) that originate from domains that don t define a security policy. Make HTTP requests that require header manipulation.
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Similar to the operating system opening a file using its default application, AIR 2.0 provides the ability for applications to launch native processes and interact with them. The following classes add support for these capabilities:
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answer your monthly statement. In addition, this program executes in parallel with a lot of other stuff happening on the computer on which it is executing. An embedded system tends to run continuously in a loop. The loop is usually very fast, on the order of milliseconds or microseconds. To get input, one of two things happens. One way data is input is by polling. Somewhere in the loop, a subroutine goes out and, for example, checks a temperature reading. This capture routine doesn t necessarily worry about what to do with the information, it just captures it for use somewhere else. Another option is via interrupts. The loop still executes very fast, but when that temperature gauge hits a certain point, let s say 100 degrees, it interrupts the loop to give it this information that the temperature gauge is reading 100 degrees. These explanations are somewhat over simplified, but, in general, this is how you want to think about things. An iPhone uses this embedded system approach. It continually executes an event processing loop doing mundane housekeeping tasks until something happens you press an icon on the springboard to start a program. You call this something that happens an event. An event is something that happens outside the norm of the loop: the user presses a button or an internal timer counts down to zero. As programmers, you normally use one of two methods to detect these events: polling and interrupts. Polling is the continual, periodic checking of some value or event. An everyday example would be the normal mail delivery. The postman doesn t ring twice in this case, he doesn t even ring once. He just puts our mail in the box and moves on. Normally, you probably check the box, or poll its contents, once a day. If you re expecting something important, you might poll much more often. The other form of event handling involves the use of interrupts. When an event occurs, the event itself notifies the processing loop that it has occurred. Usually, this involves some bit of hardware external to the processing loop. To imagine this, think of your telephone. You don t have to keep looking at your phone to see if someone is calling you; the phone rings to let you know when someone is on the line. It interrupts your normal activity to tell you to answer the phone. I ll talk more about polling and interrupts when you start adding the game controller accessory to the Pong game, but, for now, the key idea is that this concept of polling and interrupts is how iPhone applications are designed. The iPhone design orients itself heavily towards user interaction. A user touches or interrupts whatever is going on to start an application. Or maybe you re playing a game and moving your piece from one position on the game board to another. The iPhone internal software may continually look to see (or poll) where your finger is and move the piece to that location.
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} set { LogSettings ls = new LogSettings(); ls.EnableLog = value; CallContext.SetData("log_settings", ls); } } } You can then set the call context flag on the client side like this: if (args.Length > 0 && args[0].ToLower() == "/enablelog") { LogSettingContext.EnableLog=true; } and read it on the server side with code similar to the following: if (LogSettingContext.EnableLog) { // simulate write to a logfile Console.WriteLine("LOG: Loading Customer " + id); }
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8. If the registration window doesn t appear, and things seem to hang in installing VBE (at progress bar 21), drag the progress window and see if the registration window is hidden beneath it.
Figure 8-23. Results as text 4. There will be times, though, when users require output to be sent to them. For example, they may wish to know specific details from a set of records, and so you build a query and save the results to a file to send to them. Or perhaps they want output to perform some analysis of data within a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Again, this can be achieved from the Query menu by selecting Results To Results to File, or Ctrl+Shift+F. Specify sending results to a file and rerun the code. Once the code has been executed, a Save Results dialog box like the one in Figure 8-24 will appear: this could show any folder location initially in this case, it shows the My Documents folder.
// Preamble any code you need for the parser, such as opening modules, etc. %{ [Code] %} // Tokens and their types each line may contain several tokens %token <[Type]> [TokenName] ... [TokenName] ... // Associativity and precedences where tokens associate (left, right, // nonassoc) and how strongly they bind (in the order of their declaration) %left [TokenName] %right [TokenName] %nonassoc [TokenName] ... // Start symbols and their types %start [StartSymbol] %type <[Type]> [StartSymbol] %% // Productions defining how non-terminals are derived [Symbol] : [Symbols_1] { [Code_1] }
CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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