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Creating the Client
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create the database, such as a user that belongs to the Builtin\Administrators group, as this is a member of the sysadmin role, which has database creation rights. Ignore the check box for full-text indexing. You would select this option if you wanted your database to have columns that you could search for a particular word or phrase. For example, search engines could have a column that hold a set of phrases from web pages, and full-text searching could be used to find which web pages contain the words being searched for. The File Name entry (off screen to the right in Figure 3-9) is the name of the physical file that will hold the data within the database you re working with. By default, SQL Server takes the name of the database and adds a suffix of _Data to create this name. The database files are stored on your hard drive with an extension of .MDF for example, ApressFinancial_Data.MDF. In this case, .MDF is not something used by DIY enthusiasts, but it actually stands for Master Data File and is the name of the primary data file. Every database must have at least one primary data file. This file holds not only the data for the database, but also the location of all the other files that make up the database. It is also possible to have secondary data files. These would have the suffix .NDF. Again, you could use whatever name you wished, and in fact you could have an entirely different name from the primary data file. However, if you did so, the confusion that would abound is not worth thinking about. So do use the same name, and if you needed third, fourth, and so on, then add on a numerical suffix. You would place the file name for a secondary data file in the row below the ApressFinancial_Data entry in the Data Files list box, after clicking the Add button. I ll come back to why you can have a secondary data file when I talk about file properties later in this section. The File Type column shows whether the file is a data file or a log file, as in a file for holding the data or a file for holding a record of the actions done to the data. The next column in the grid is titled Filegroup. This allows you to specify the PRIMARY filegroup and any SECONDARY data file groups for your database. Every database must have a Primary filegroup. To designate secondary data files, click the Add button to add a new data or log file and then click on the drop-down arrow on the third row. This will bring up a dialog box where you can enter SECONDARY into a Name field (see Figure 3-10). You may use any name for secondary data files, but it is advisable to choose a name that closely resembles the primary filegroup name. You can also make that new name the default filegroup, which will become the filegroup to which further additions of data files will be assigned. Also, if you make the new name the default filegroup, it will be in to this area that tables, views, and so on will be assigned unless otherwise specified.
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client-side record set, but it s not a COM object.
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Permission set Evidence
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lying around where anyone can click and see it. The same thing applies to any paper manuals that you print out. I work far better with paper documents than those on my computer. I can write on them, cut and paste, move things around I just work easier with paper. As I mentioned, the documents will be updated from time to time and you will likely print out new paper and want to dispose of the rest. My advice is to get a shredder. While I probably can t disclose the means of doing it, your documents are traceable back to you. If someone posts sensitive Apple information and they trace it back to you, well, I m sure you can understand that being kicked out of the program will likely be the least of your worries. Any major business, not just Apple, takes its information seriously. After all, all the value in the company is in the information. The same thing should apply to your business as well. If you do establish a commercial presence, don t leave your information out for anyone to see. On the other hand, having a good-looking prototype of your product will get people talking. They don t need to know your secrets to making it work, only what it will do for them. In my daily schedule, I operate my design business (the part that makes accessories) from my small shop that does Apple computer and iPhone screen repair. As more than 95% of my business is iPhone repair, customers are very interested in what s new and exciting for the iPhone. They re tired of apps; they want to see hardware. When I bring out my little accessory, no matter what it is, their eyes light up and they show a lot of interest. I ve even had a few become investors. It s great to use someone else s money to work on this kind of stuff. The point of the conversation is to be mindful of what you show and what you keep sight unseen. Spur their interest but never at the expense of revealing your secrets or Apple s. Another part of running a business is schedules and inventory. Again, not getting into revealing details, you will need to develop schedules for what you re developing as well as keeping track of things. Let s talk about schedules. Imagine you re starting a restaurant. You re a great chef, can make meals in quantity for low prices, and you ve got some start up money. That initial money will only last a certain while. You know that you ll have to buy or lease equipment, furniture, and space. There s staff you ll need to consider. You have to develop your supplier relations and so on. Your initial money will last you only so long. Suppose you re getting that money from a bank or some other form of a loan. In all but the most charitable cases, you will need to provide a lot of information to get the cash. You ll especially need cash flow predictions and sales predictions. You ll have to estimate how much you will sell and when. You ll create sales projections. I have never in my life seen a scientific end-all way to make realistic sales projections. I mean, maybe, for a restaurant you could look at restaurants in the area, their traffic pattern, the demographics, and so on. In the end, you re guessing. We all guess. Think of the benefits you get from the MFi/WWi program as a loan to you by Apple. That s really what it is. Apple is saying that, from the information you ve shown them, that they think (hope) that you will be successful in your accessory endeavor. They trust
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Connecting to a Cisco VPN
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Every start tag must have a corresponding end tag. In HTML, this rule is not strictly followed for example, tags such as <br> (line break), <hr> (horizontal rule), and <img> (image) are often used with no end tag at all. In XML, that would not be well formed. The end tag for elements that do not contain any child elements or text can be written by using shorter notation. For example, assuming that the <customer> tag doesn t contain any child elements, you could have written it as <customer ID="C001"/>.
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# specify our redirect folder, make sure it exists, # set ownership and permissions redirectDir=/Users/Local/"$theUser" mkdir p "$redirectDir" &> /dev/null chown "$theUser" "$redirectDir" chmod 700 "$redirectDir" # redirect ~/Library/Caches. For 10.3 compatability, # operations on the home directory must be performed as
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The GSSContextUtil class provides a pair of messages for creating the GSSContext objects that we require to carry out the authentication, and a PrivilegedAction class that allows us to do the necessary setup while running with the privileges of the Subject that we retrieve from JAAS. To carry out the privileged action for the client, we invoke createOutgoingGSSContext(). The meat of this method is the following call:
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Debugging and Testing with F# Interactive
I talked earlier about the value of prototyping. Simply put, if you don t already have experience with embedded hardware design, then you must prototype as much of your design as possible. This will save you time and money. Each manufacturer of embedded processors typically offers several evaluation kits with breadboard (or prototyping) areas, as shown in Figure 10 2. Each kit will include lesson materials to bring you quickly up to speed using the device. Some kits may offer
Administering Polls
user-defined data type
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