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When the setting is enabled, you will see the Binding Required key set to true when you review the output of dscl. However, because only Mac OS X clients read this configuration, they are the only LDAP clients that are actually required to bind. In other words, you are not restricting access to your LDAP server; you are in fact requiring binding only for clients that use the Max OS X LDAP plug-in. A standard LDAP browser from a rogue machine can anonymously bind even with this option enabled. If you wish to restrict access to only authenticated users, you must add the bind_anon option to the top of the OpenLDAP configuration file stored at /private/etc/openldap/slapd.conf. NOTE: Be aware that configuring slapd to refuse anonymous connections means all clients will be required to bind. This includes the Open Directory master, which is automatically configured with the local host value upon its promotion to an Open Directory master. You will need to update this and all other entries before clients will be able to access the database. Once connected, test that your binding is working by running the following command:
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which you could have it. The company might not want you to switch to another company and continue using the BlackBerry. Understanding the intricacies of BlackBerry ownership helps to illuminate many of the topics addressed later in this chapter. As consumers, we tend to feel a certain right to things we own. Once we have paid for something, we expect to continue using it without interference: we should be able to install the software we want, run it when we want for as long as we want, browse to the web sites we want to visit, and so on. Because BlackBerry devices often have complicated ownership, though, your desires might clash with those of other stakeholders. Where there is a dispute, the real owner of the device usually comes out on top.
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The final section on the admin/settings/user page allows administrators to decide whether users can upload a small picture to become their online identity, or avatar, on the site. If you enable the Picture Support option, you must enter a value in the Picture Image Path field that points to the folder that will store the uploaded user pictures. This can be the pictures folder that Drupal created for you when you visited the admin/settings/user page for the first time, which is also the default value. You can also specify a path to a default picture, which will be shown in the case a user hasn t yet uploaded one. Set the Picture Maximum Dimensions option in the form height width to control the size of the avatars. Set the Picture Maximum File Size option to make sure the size of these files isn t too large. Finally, you can write a message from the administrator in the Picture Guidelines field. This message will be shown to users along with the picture upload form. You can use this message to explain the purpose of the avatar picture, give instructions and guidance on how to prepare the image files, or detail restrictions that should be observed. Once avatar picture support has been enabled, a Picture section will be added to the user account edit page (user/uid/edit). The picture itself will appear on the user account page (user/ uid) and, depending on what theme is being used and how it is configured, on the content postings made by that user. Theme configuration is discussed in the Configuring Themes section later in this chapter.
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How It Works
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// R passed by value (no ^) void f(R r_local) { // Modify r without affecting outer scope. r_local.val = 2; Console::WriteLine("Within f: " + r_local.val); } int main() { R r; f(r); Console::WriteLine("Outside f: " + r.val); // The same code, using heap semantics R^ rhat = gcnew R(); f(*rhat); // Dereference the handle. Console::WriteLine("Outside f: " + rhat->val); } The output of Listing 4-23 is as follows: Within f: 2 Outside f: 1 Within f: 2 Outside f: 1 Figure 4-4 shows what s happening in memory for this type of parameter passing.
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FormsIdentity -Ticket
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4. Click Untyped dataset, then click OK. This adds a dataset to the component tray. 5. Press F7 to edit the Form1.cs code. Add the following Imports statement:
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CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes
The Chart toolbox item is responsible for converting numbers in reports to graphs. The chart capabilities incorporated in RS are from Dundas Software. You ll have the popular chart types such as pie, bar, and column to use in your reports. As you can see, in Figure 2-16, we have three pieces of information to produce a report of exports by country over the past five years. Country data is used as the series and years as the category. The detail data is the actual export amount. Illustrating this report with a graph is more appealing than just presenting a tabular report with five rows and two columns. It is also common practice to show tabular data with charts to bring more clarity to a report.
BAM activities capture business processes milestones and business data at a specific point in time. An activity search allows you to define, save, open, and execute queries to retrieve that transactional business data. The activity search page has three main sections, as shown in Table 11 10.
Figure 11-7. A server-side report in action If your report looks similar to Figure 11-7, you ve done it. That s all you need to embed the sever-side report at client-side. You may also like to compare the output of Figure 11-7 with the output of Figure 11-2; almost everything is the same except how the report is accessed.
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