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When logging in to SQL Server, whether using Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication, this refers to the process of verifying that the submitted user ID is valid for a given instance of SQL Server, and then allocating permissions to that user based upon his or her user profile.
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3 introduced a useful notation for generating sequences of data, called sequence expressions. For example: > seq { for i in 0 .. 3 -> (i,i*i) };; val it : seq<int * int> = seq [ (0,0); (1,1); (2,4); (3,9) ] Sequence expressions are used extensively throughout this book. For example, 15 uses sequence expressions for queries that are executed on a database. It turns out that sequence expressions are just one instance of a more general construct called computation expressions. These are also called workflows, although they bear only a passing similarity to the workflows used to model business processes. The general form of a computation expression is builder { comp-expr }. Table 9-2 shows the primary constructs that can be used within the braces of a computation expression and how these constructs are de-sugared by the F# compiler given a computation expression builder builder. The three most important applications of computation expressions in F# programming are as follows: General-purpose programming with sequences, lists, and arrays Parallel, asynchronous, and concurrent programming using asynchronous workflows, discussed in detail in 13 Database queries, by quoting a workflow and translating it to SQL via the .NET LINQ libraries, a technique demonstrated in 15
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T-SQL provides a variety of base data types 27 of them. All stored SQL Server data must be compatible with one of them. Let s briefly survey them.
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Figure 11 5. The nag screen layout Finally, add the More Stuff page, or the page that will display features available only to paid users. Sadly, the users of our application will most likely feel cheated at the moment: our only feature available to them will be the calculation of the money they do not get as a result of using the currency conversion services. 5. To add the More Stuff page, right-click the project name in Solution Explorer and select Add New Item Windows Phone Portrait Page. Name the page MoreStuff.xaml and select OK. Bring up the design surface of the MoreStuff.xaml page, and make it look like Figure 11 6. Refer to Table 11 3 field names and types:
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CHAPTER 12: Securing a Wireless Network
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Encryption and IIS
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The following are String constants required by the application mostly during tokenization or protocol negotiation:
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Third-Party Problem Solver: DAVE
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Big companies usually keep historical data in data warehouse systems. Data from these kinds of data repositories are usually raw tables with data belonging to several years. For this report, the raw data consists of three columns, and each row is data for one year s worth of net sales for an individual division. Please see Figure 4-55 for a snapshot of the raw data.
Section 3: Communication
#! /bin/bash launchctl stop `launchctl list | grep | awk {print $3} ` launchctl stop `launchctl list | grep | awk {print $3} ` launchctl stop `launchctl list | grep | awk {print $3} ` launchctl stop `launchctl list | grep | awk {print $3} ` kextunload -b com.Symantec.SymEvent.kext kextunload -b com.Symantec.SymOSXKernelUtilities.kext kextunload -b com.Symantec.kext.KTUM rm /etc/liveupdate.conf rm /etc/Symantec.conf rm /usr/bin/symsched rm /usr/bin/navx rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.Symantec.Scheduler.plist rm /Users/Shared/snorosx rm -rfd /Library/Contextual\ Menu\ Items/NAVCMPlugin.plugin rm -rfd /Applications/Symantec\ Solutions rm -rfd /Applications/Norton\ AntiVirus rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/NAVContextualMenu.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/NAVEngine.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/Norton\ AntiVirus.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/SymEvent.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/SymOSXKernelUtilities.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/NortonQuickMenu.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/SymSharedFrameworks.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/Norton\ AutoProtect.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Recepits/Symantec\ Scheduled\ Scans.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Recepits/Symantec\ Scheduled\ Scans.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Recepits/Symantec\ Scheduled\ Scans.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/navx.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/LiveUpdate.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/Symantec\ Scheduler.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/Stuffit.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/SymInstallExtras.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/SymHelpScripts.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/SymantecUninstaller.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Receipts/Symantec\ Alerts.pkg rm -rfd /Library/Application\ Support/Norton\ Solutions\ Support rm /Library/Application\ Support/NAV.history rm -rfd /Library/Application\ Support/Symantec rm -rfd /Library/PreferencePanes/SymantecQuickMenu.prefPane rm -rfd /Library/PreferencePanes/APPrefPane.prefPane rm -rfd /Library/PrivateFrameworks/SymAppKitAdditions.framework rm -rfd /Library/PrivateFrameworks/SymBase.framework rm -rfd /Library/PrivateFrameworks/SymNetworking.framework rm -rfd /Library/PrivateFrameworks/SymSystem.framework rm -rfd /Library/PrivateFrameworks/SymScheduler.framework rm -rfd /Library/StartupItems/NortonAutoProtect rm -rfd /Library/StartupItems/NortonMissedTasks rm -rfd /Library/Documentation/Help/Norton\ Help\ Scripts rm -rfd /Library/Widgets/Symantec\ Alerts.wdgt
Figure 24-5. Filters allow you to selectively hide or show rows of data in a spreadsheet.
Passing Value Types As Handles
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