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ASP.NET Server Controls
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File Promise API
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Place the code in a namespace. Define a page type with the same base name as the .aspx page. The code generated from the .aspx file uses implementation inheritance to merge with the type defined here (see 6 for a description of implementation inheritance). This is standard practice for ASP.NET and matches the Inherits directive in Listing 14-4. Place the implementation of the callback members into the page.
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This category applies solely to directories. You would use inheritance to customize how permissions are inherited by a directory s children. For instance, if you apply ACL inheritance to just the first level of subfolders and files, new folders users create will inherit their parents permissions, but items created inside the new folders will not. Likewise, by using the inheret_only flag, you can assign ACLs specifically for inheritance, but not have them apply to the parent object, which can be very useful. You control inheritance with the four separate rights in the following list: Apply to this folder: When selected, the ACL will apply to this folder. Otherwise, the folder will have only_inherit permission, and the ACL will be active only on children that inherit the ACL. Apply to Child Folders: When you activate this option, newly created child folders of the directory will inherit the ACL. Use the directory_inherit permission to grant this privilege. Apply to Child Files: When enabled, this privilege will cause new files created in the directory to inherit the ACL. You use the file_inherit permission to grant this right. Apply to All Descendants: If you activate this option, the inheritance properties of the directory will pass on to newly created directories; allowing for automated propagation of ACLs as users create additional directories and files. Otherwise, the directory you re currently attending to will have the limit_inherit privilege.
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For example, a simple call to load will look like this:
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Right-click the Receive_Msg shape, and choose Message Payload Schema. a. b. Expand the <Schema> folder icon, and navigate to the data items that are to be reported in BAM. Drag each reportable data item to the correct Activity node. Table 11 13 outlines the mapping of sample orchestrations to the deployed BAM activities.
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Peer-to-Peer vs. Client-Server Environments
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NOTE: You can use MacForensicsLab without using a database, but it will not track your actions, which is important to protecting your chain of evidence. Next, click Create (twice), and indicate where the file should be located. Once you have browsed to the appropriate location (see Figure 19 2), then click the Save button. This will take you back to the Preferences screen.
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Any combination of characters. Any one character. WHERE Title LIKE '_ales' selects all rows where the Title column equals Aales, aales, Bales, bales, and so on. A single character within a range [a-d] or set [abcd]. WHERE Title LIKE '[bs]ales' selects all rows where the Title column equals either the word bales or sales. A single character not within a range [^a-d] or set [^abcd].
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Newly Created Logon Session for Client User
4. For more information about the GAC, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp url=/ library/en-us/cpguide/html/cpconglobalassemblycache.asp . 5. You can check the contents of the GAC download cache by running the GAC utility with a specific command-line switch (such as GACUTIL /LDL).
let rec allFiles dir = seq { for file in Directory.GetFiles dir do yield file for subdir in Directory.GetDirectories dir do yield! allFiles subdir }
public static String getLog() { StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer(); Enumeration lines = messages.elements(); while (lines.hasMoreElements()) { String line = (String) lines.nextElement(); result.append(line); result.append("\n"); } return result.toString(); } public void run() { status.setText(message); } }
Listing 10-10. The ConfigHelper Interface
A good way to get started writing is to find a question that you don't know the answer to. Research the problem. When you feel you have something worthwhile to contribute, propose a solution. You can write your findings in a forum or as a blog entry. Go with whichever medium leaves you feeling the most comfortable. Don't be too modest. Anyone who does some research and already has some knowledge of the technology in question can make a worthwhile contribution. You ll learn something new, and your efforts will likely improve your social networking as well.
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