vb.net barcode Figure 1-14. Adding a new file in visual basic.net

Generate PDF417 in visual basic.net Figure 1-14. Adding a new file

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Bind Variable Peeking
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Bind variables are good for OLTP systems, because they maximize sharable SQL and minimize CPU usage and latch contention during optimization (see Tom Kyte s Expert Oracle Database Architecture, Apress, September 2005). But we have just seen that bind variables make a complete nonsense of cardinality calculations. So 9i introduced bind variable peeking to address this problem. The first time a piece of SQL is optimized, the optimizer (usually) checks the actual values of any incoming bind variables, and uses those values to do the optimizer calculations, which means the optimizer has a chance of picking the best plan for that first execution. But on every subsequent occasion that a parse call is issued against that statement, and the text is found to be sharable, the same execution plan will generally be used regardless of any change in the value of the bind variables. (There is an exception relating to large variations in the lengths the character bind variables.) In an OLTP system, this is likely to be a good thing, as OLTP activity tends to result in the same highprecision statements being repeated thousands of times per day, doing the same amount of work each time. But there are cases, even in an OLTP system, when this can cause problems. In a DSS system, you usually need to avoid bind variables at all times so that people don t accidentally share executions plans for statements that look identical but perform enormously different amounts of work. And in a mixed environment, you want to make sure that you have a method for avoiding this bind variable trap for any heavy-duty SQL that you may need to run. Just to confuse the issue: if you pass a statement with bind variables through explain plan, the optimizer doesn t know about any values (or even the bind types), so at best it will use the fixed selectivities to produce an execution plan. At worst, it will do an incorrect implicit conversion because it is treating something as a character that might be recognized as, say, numeric at run time, and give you a completely misleading execution plan.
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4. You re asked to tell Writer about your data. Writer needs to know where to find the
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The following example binds all the public properties,. Once the application calls the creationComplete event, the fname property is changed and you can see the results on the SimpleText Component.
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Figure 15-6. Custom print content
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#!/bin/bash PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin declare -x swupdServer="hax.lbc" #if set to 1, we will reboot when updates recommend it declare -i restartOnRecommended=1 ## Binary vars declare -x defaults="/usr/bin/defaults" declare -x softwareupdate="/usr/sbin/softwareupdate"
Turn to the built-in RIM solution in the following situations: You want to minimize the size of your application. You cannot accept the conditions of an open-source library. You expect to only run on BlackBerry devices. You control the BlackBerry devices that will be running your app.
Special View Names
Figure 16-14. The site admin and logout links
In the absence of failures, all transactions complete successfully. However, a transaction may not always complete its execution successfully. Such a transaction is termed aborted. A transaction that completes its execution successfully is said to be committed. Figure 8-1 shows that if a transaction has been partially committed, it will be committed but only if it has not failed; and if the transaction has failed, it will be aborted.
In Flash Builder 4 Adobe added a plug-in to manage and connect to data services, which allows you to easily connect to services and attach the data to a UI component. Let s use the same example of connecting to Google Merchant Center to find search results, however, this time you ll do it with very little effort. To get started create a new Flex 4 project and call it DataServicesExample. 1. 2. Open the main MXML application DataServicesExample.mxml and switch to design view. Drag a DataGrid component from Data Controls. Next, in the Data/Services window click on Connect to Data/Services (see Figure 10-8).
Figure 5-19. The Advanced options let you customize the boot loader and contribute to the popularity contest.
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