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The event categories that are most useful are as follows: Cursors Database Errors and Warnings Locks Scans Stored Procedures TSQL Inside those categories are event classes and those event classes contain data columns. A complete list of available data columns can be found at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190762.aspx. You can also browse them for yourself, if desired. When creating a trace, on the Events Selection tab, simply check off the Show all events and Show all columns boxes (see Figure 6 6). Note that there is a column named CPU, but no column named Memory or disk I/O. That is where your analysis will become valuable as you try to determine the nature of the issue. Many senior DBA s put together a list of default events to capture with a trace file, in the hope that it gives them enough information to begin troubleshooting.
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Figure 7-19. Setting FTP properties
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RSS Viewer lacks some of the finesse of NetNewsWire Lite, but being Java-based, it will run on any platform. A list of other RSS resources, including RSS browsers for various platforms, is available at www.lights.com/weblogs/rss.html.
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10,000 1,112 8.993 500 0.8 * 500 = 400 400 / 8.993 = 44.48 1,112 44.48 = 1,067
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Asking the Portal for the Supported Content Types
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To understand how routing data works, we first need to explore what a packet is. A packet is a general term for a bundle of data, organized in a predetermined way for transmission over computer networks. IP packets consist of two parts, the header and the data. The header marks the beginning of the packet and contains information, such as the size of the payload and the source and destination address. The data is the information being carried by this particular packet. NOTE: Packets are sometimes referred to as datagrams. The terms are not interchangeable, however. A datagram is a type of packet, but not all packets are datagrams. Different protocols use different conventions for distinguishing between different sections of a packet, and for formatting the data. The Ethernet protocol establishes the start of the header and the other data elements by their relative location to the start of the packet. For the purposes of understanding other technologies discussed throughout this chapter, just keep in mind that there are different ways to form a packet based on the protocol that is being used. A good analogy when thinking about packets is to treat data transmission like moving into a new house. When moving our things, we tend to be efficient. Instead of loading one piece of furniture on to the truck, driving to the new house, unloading it, and then driving back for another piece, we move multiple pieces at a time. We also don t cram everything into one giant box. We load our stuff from one room and put it in a box (or boxes) and label it. The header is the container (or box) for data (our stuff). The application packing up the data writes the name of the data in the header, much like we would write where the stuff in the box would go on a label on the box. This allows the network router (or movers) to know which room each box is destined for and typically which room the stuff came from. The router (or moving truck) will create a list of what was transmitted (moved). Most transfers of data will move more than one packet (box), breaking files into data packets (boxes) to move them more efficiently.
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CHAPTER 5: Production Support
Grouping Users
Figure A-20. Web service methods When a service reference is added to the web application, all the necessary web service details are generated for you, including the Web Service Definition Language (.wsdl) file that explicitly defines the web service and the methods provided. You can open Service1.wsdl and see what this looks like. It s a little cryptic for the human reader. It also generates several .xsd files that define the data types and data contracts that are used in the input and output messages. Figure A-21 shows one of these files displayed in the XML Schema Explorer.
CHAPTER 17: Network Scanning, Intrusion Detection, and Intrusion Prevention Tools
1. Right-click a blank spot on the bottom panel and select Add to Panel. 2. In the dialog box that appears, click the Menu Bar option to add all three menus.
his appendix provides a whistle-stop tour of commands that can be used at the BASH shell. This is a highly selective listing, intended to provide a guide to commands that see dayto-day use on average desktop systems. In a similar fashion, although some command options are listed, they re strictly limited to those that receive regular deployment. The descriptions of each command are deliberately simple. Note that the quantity of space a command is given is not an indication of its importance or usefulness. To this end, commands in the list with an asterisk after their name offer far more than hinted at by its brief description hints. In such cases, we strongly advise that you refer to the command s man page for more information. Various conventions are used in the list: You should substitute your own details wherever italicized words appear. Commands that can and might be run by ordinary users are preceded with a dollar sign ($). Commands that require root privileges (the use of sudo) are preceded with a hash symbol (#).
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