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Figure 7-11. 10,000-foot view of integration between Flex and Java One more level down gets us into the realm of individual components and their roles. Figure 7-12 is a selfexplanatory representation of this, which we ll call the 1,000-foot view. The diagram lists a few data services, namely LCDS, BlazeDS, GraniteDS, OpenAMF, and WebORB. 8 provides more information on these data services. This chapter has shown a fair bit of these perspectives in practice, and the following chapter builds on them. What you learn from these should be applicable to languages beyond Java and in situations more complex than the ones illustrated. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is transforming legacy applications and driving new applications to create a loosely coupled, scalable, server-side infrastructure. Flex-rich interfaces can be integrated with such an SOA infrastructure using the methodologies discussed in this chapter. Finally, if we zoom in to a very close range, like 100 feet, the details of the wiring and the interaction model comes to light. Figure 7-13 shows this level.
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Figure 17-3. Sidebar B commented out
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In this context, we are redirecting stdout to append our file found at /lsLog.txt. However, we are also redirecting stderr to stdout. This command will output the results of both data streams into the file. This becomes a handy way to log all activity reported by a process, rather than just merely relying on stdout.
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In this program, you use a scalar query and two statements, storing the SQL in three string variables: 'define scalar query Dim sqlqry As String = "select count(*)from employees" 'define insert statement Dim sqlins As String = "insert into employees " & _ "(firstname,lastname)values('Zachariah', 'Zinn')" 'define delete statement Dim sqldel As String = "delete from employees " & _ "where firstname = 'Zachariah'" & _ "and lastname = 'Zinn'" Then you create two commands. The first is cmdqry, which encapsulates the scalar query to count the rows in the Employees table. You use this command several times to monitor the number of rows as you insert and delete employees. The second is cmdnon, which you use twice, first to insert a row and then to delete the same row. You initially set its CommandText to the INSERT statement SQL: Dim cmdnon As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sqlins, conn)
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Similarly, this code allows the owner to retrieves the set of hosts (as Strings) that the crawler has encountered so far:
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Figure 20-1. Adding an ADO.NET Entity Data Model
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The DML Trigger
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The easiest way to access shared folders on Windows workstations or servers over a network is to click Places Network. This will start Nautilus and attempt to search for Windows machines on your local network, just like with Network Neighborhood and My Network Places on the various versions of Windows.
<UserControl.Resources> <Style TargetType="Button"> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="10" /> <Setter Property="Width" Value="200" /> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="Red" /> <Setter Property="Content" Value="Default Style" /> <Setter Property="Margin" Value="5" /> </Style> <Style x:Key="OverrideStyle" TargetType="Button"> <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="14" /> <Setter Property="Width" Value="300" /> <Setter Property="FontWeight" Value="Bold" /> <Setter Property="Content" Value="Overridden Style" /> </Style> </UserControl.Resources> <StackPanel x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <Button /> <Button /> <Button /> <Button /> <Button Style="{StaticResource OverrideStyle}" /> </StackPanel>
NOTE: Notice the Password quality meter that is common with many applications on this screen; this gives you constant reminders to use good passwords. One of the dangers of Firefox is that passwords are stored rather insecurely by default if the master password option is not enabled. Firefox has the option to view saved passwords for web sites simply by opening Security preferences and clicking on the Saved Passwords button. Theoretically, it would be very easy for someone with access to your computer to open Password Manager, click a web site or fileserver for which they want to see the password, and then click the Show Passwords button to view it. Therefore, when you use the master password option, make the password a good one. Thankfully, it is possible to stop Firefox from caching passwords for specific sites or fileservers. To do this, go to the Security preferences pane and click on the Saved Passwords button. Because you ve entered a master password already, it will ask you for your master password. Once that s been entered, you ll be presented with a list of Firefox s cached information for web sites (see Figure 7 9). Then, click on the Show Passwords button at the bottom of the window to display the cached passwords.
The Game Controller Test Program
Feel free to adjust these permissions as desired. For example, if you want only administrators to be able to make forum-wide announcements, set the Post permission to ADMIN. Click Submit, and then log in as a regular user. You ll notice that you don t have permission to create a new topic in the forum. Now, log in with your administrator account, and try again. This time, it works! Your regular users should still be able to reply to topics in that forum, which you can test by creating a topic and logging back in with your regular account and trying a reply. You now have a unique forum for your users to sound off about your announcements in the proper threads, which encourages discourse between the staff and the users, and ultimately fosters a healthy community.
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