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The Classic XML Parsing Model of the .NET Framework
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The WellKnownServiceTypeEntry class allows you to publish server-activated objects in Singleton or SingleCall mode. In this case, the objects are created on the server and not through a creation message sent by the client, as is the case with activated types. Usage examples: RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType( typeof(MyClass), "MyRemoteObject.rem", WellKnownObjectMode.Singleton); RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType( new WellKnownServiceTypeEntry(typeof(MyClass), "MyRemoteObject.rem", WellKnownObjectMode.SingleCall));
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Note Remember that just like XML DOM, the parsing process will be affected when you preserve white space (refer to the discussion from 2 in the Dealing with White Space section). However, since LINQ to XML allows you to query the XML tree in flexible ways, white spaces will not create any problem as long as you are not relying on the count of elements in your logic.
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connection, doing so can also reduce the amount of traffic slightly, which scales into larger environments. Even to a seasoned Windows admin, the concept of a constant communication channel for file services may be foreign, it s just a reality of playing in the Apple sandbox.
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Figure 27-7. Creating message filters lets you automatically organize your e-mail as soon as
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Try It Out: Modifying the Stored Procedure
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Note Silverlight 4 adds the ability for developers to create out-of-browser applications with elevated security. With this elevated access comes the ability to access the client s local hard drive. In this chapter we are discussing the isolated storage features of Silverlight only. For more information on creating applications with elevated security, see 16.
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Installing Certificates
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Imagine that each of the running services, daemons, or processes on your system have their own door. Some of the doors are well secured, made of steel with a complex system of locks that only a true master could finesse their way through. Others are made of flimsy gauze and might as well have big flashing lights that say, Waltz on in! Notice that neither extreme refers to a 100% safe door. There s no such thing. The reality is that most of the services, daemons, and processes fall somewhere between
Exporting bindings allows for bindings associated with an application to be exported into an XML file. Bindings are the links between your physical environment (for example, a specific MSMQ queue or web service URI) and your logical environment (for example, an orchestration receive port). You can export bindings for an entire BizTalk group or a specific BizTalk application or assembly. You can use either the Export Bindings Wizard (right-click the appropriate application in the BizTalk Administration Console and select Export Bindings) or the BTSTask ExportBindings commandline utility to export bindings.
NOTE: As with other ipfw rules, your pipes must be added to your ipfw.conf file in order to be persistent after restarts.
Bean and BeanFactory Life Cycle
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