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private void takeSnapShot() { try { byte[] imageData = video .getSnapshot("encoding=jpeg&width=640&height=480&quality=normal"); if (imageData != null) { writeToFile(imageData, location + "/image.jpg"); status.setText("Image taken"); Bitmap taken = Bitmap.createBitmapFromBytes(imageData, 0, imageData.length, 1); Screen reviewer = new MainScreen(); BitmapField bitmap = new BitmapField(taken); reviewer.add(bitmap); UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(reviewer); } else {
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Nesting Administrators in the Local Admin Group
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Figure 11-3. Creating a new database Enter localhost for the server name (or whatever is appropriate for your environment) and 11 for the database name, and then click OK.
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tour of the private messaging system, which often is a major part of your forum experience. Finally, you were introduced to the upgrades to these features in the upcoming phpBB 3.0 release. The number one thing forum administrators should be concerned with is the security of their message board. In the next chapter, I ll detail strategies and tips on securing your phpBB installation. I ll also introduce you to important maintenance tasks that will ensure that your phpBB community runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible over the long haul, so you can reduce your risk of serious problems. You will also be introduced to the vast expansion of power phpBB 3.0 will provide you to optimize and secure your board for the rough reality of the Internet.
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You can use a data table to represent a complete table in a database, either in the form of a table that represents its schema, or in the form of a table that holds all its original data for offline use.
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cThe PowerPC release of Ubuntu is not officially supported. Updates are provided by its community of users.
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We re going to do a two-column join with a filter on the two tables. Note that the filter columns have identical definitions (although the data content is randomized). More significantly, though, one of the join columns is dramatically different from its counterpart. Column t1.join1 holds only 30 distinct values ranging from 0 to 29, column t2.join1 holds a nominal 4,000 distinct values ranging from 0 to 3,999. (In fact, there were 3,668 distinct values in this column because of the effects of the random data generation.) After creating the data, we run two queries the following SQL encapsulates both of them; the second query can be constructed by switching the comment marker from one filter predicate to the other. select t1.v1, t2.v1 from t1, t2 where t2.join1 = t1.join1 and t2.join2 = t1.join2 and t1.filter = 10 -- and t2.filter = 10 ; Since the two filter columns are identical, to within a little random scattering, you might think that the optimizer would produce the same cardinality whichever filter column is used to identify 1% of the joined data. There is a bit of flaw in that argument in extreme cases, and Oracle seems to make some attempts to address it. These are the execution plans. Execution Plan (, autotrace. Filter on t1) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=CHOOSE (Cost=57 Card=7 Bytes=266) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=57 Card=7 Bytes=266) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=28 Card=100 Bytes=2000) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=28 Card=10000 Bytes=180000) Execution Plan (, autotrace. Filter on t2) ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=CHOOSE (Cost=57 Card=500 Bytes=19000) 1 0 HASH JOIN (Cost=57 Card=500 Bytes=19000) 2 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=28 Card=100 Bytes=2100) 3 1 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=28 Card=10000 Bytes=170000) Why are the computed cardinalities so amazingly different According to the formulae: Join Selectivity = {join1 bit} * {join2 bit} = 1 / greater (30, 3,668) * 1 / greater (20, 50) = 0.00000545256
In the first example, we are explicitly defining the variable CUSTOM_PORT as an integer, and setting it to 8088. In the second, typecasting in bash automatically determines the type of data that a variable contains. Typecasting occurs when a variable is set to a certain type (such as an integer) and then used to store a different data type (say the string Hello World ). In this case, there is a type conversion from integer to string. While both of the preceding examples work, relying on automatic typecasting can present problems in certain circumstances; if your script logic is expecting an numeric (integer) value and is passed a string instead, your script will die with a fatal error. The following script shows how this works:
To achieve 2NF, each column within the table must depend on the whole primary key. This means that if you look at any single column within a table, you need to ask if it is possible to get to this information using the whole key, or just part of the key. If only part of the key is required, then you must look to splitting the tables so that every column does match the whole key. So, you would look at each column within the table and ask, Can I reach the information contained within this column just using part of the key All of the tables use an ID as the primary key, and only one column will define that ID. Therefore, to break 2NF with this is almost impossible. Where you are more likely to break 2NF is a scenario in which the primary key uses several columns. If we look at all the tables within our example, every column within each table does require the whole key to find it.
public static void saveChartAsPNG(File file, JFreeChart chart, int width, int height) throws
utilize their own password for the disk image, even changing them, and will never need access to our private key. If the end user leaves or forgets the password, we can simply recover it using our own closely guarded private key. CAUTION: By granting a single identity access to all disk images, it becomes absolutely imperative that the certificate s private key be closely guarded at all times. If this key is compromised, so too are all images created with its certificate. To create a disk image that utilizes both a password and a certificate for authentication, we simply add an additional option, -agentpass, to our previous command. When the agentpass flag is specified, hdiutil will prompt for an interactive password:
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