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Figure 3-4. Query Results window
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NOTE: To determine if a command will result in the execution of an external program, use type followed by the name of the function. If the process is external to the shell, it will specify the absolute path to the binary (as found in $PATH). For example: type echo returns echo is a shell builtin, meaning that bash will use its internal echo ability rather than the external command /bin/echo when the echo command is called in a script. The while and until statements are used for building more customized looping structures. The and operator allows us to loop while a certain criteria are met:
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complete ( Dispatched when the data is decoded and assigned to the data property of the URLLoader object. This is a good time to start using the loaded resource. httpStatus ( Dispatched if the load method invokes a call over HTTP. URLLoader is not restricted to making HTTP calls, although it s a popular choice. This event is triggered on an HTTP request, not a response, and it s triggered before the complete and error events. ioError ( Dispatched if the request encounters a fatal I/O error and terminates the request. open ( Dispatched when the request starts on invocation of the load method. progress ( Dispatched as the resource gets downloaded. This event is most relevant when the resource is large, say a huge image file, and it downloads incrementally. A progress event is fired on each chunk of bytes getting downloaded. securityError ( Dispatched if the security sandbox is violated.
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Specific Application Settings
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How It Works
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How It Works
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7. 8.
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database management system.
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Using the Bootstrapper Manifest Generator (BMG)
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INSERT INTO CustomerDetails.Customers (CustomerTitleId,CustomerFirstName,CustomerOtherInitials, CustomerLastName,AddressId,AccountNumber,AccountTypeId, ClearedBalance,UnclearedBalance) VALUES (1,'Kirsty',NULL,'Hull',4312,96565334,1,1266.00,10.32) 2. Now just execute the code in the usual way. You will see the following output in the results pane. This indicates that three rows of information have been inserted into the database, one at a time. (1 row(s) affected) (1 row(s) affected) (1 row(s) affected)
Go ahead and try running the application, ideally both in the simulator and on the device. After you successfully run the app, you can find the newly created files by entering the native Media application, then pressing Menu and selecting Explore. Navigate to the directory you selected. You may notice a few problems at first in the simulator. First of all, because there isn t an actual camera attached, you must provide the camera image. You can do this by opening the native Camera application, or by selecting the Camera Image option from the simulator menu. Figure 2-6 shows this option in a recent simulator.
Figure 5-11. Master pages at runtime: textboxes and command button
Source of documentation accessible from the shell; an alternative to the more established man page system. Also known as Texinfo.
let rec flatten scene seq { match scene | Composite | Ellipse _
You should now recognize the need for training and have some possible training resources listed. It should be quite easy for you to convince you manager that it is logical to send you to some training classes, right Wrong. Never confuse logic with business intelligence. Your manager has a manager, most likely, and that manager is going to want some justification for spending training dollars on you no matter how big or small the expense. It will most likely fall to you to present a solid business case in order for you to secure this funding. To go about building a solid business case for training, start by understanding what a business cares about most: revenue, expenses, and profit. As much as we all want to love our jobs and work in a happy, loving environment with unicorns and rainbows all around us, the fact is that money makes the world go round. If you want to secure the funding for training dollars, then you will need to demonstrate how the business will benefit by spending this money. If this sounds like I am saying, It takes money to make money, that s because I am. But that s OK, because most corporations live by that very ideal; it will be up to you to show them how. TIP: The higher up you need to talk to someone about money, the more important it is you can demonstrate a financial return for any investment you are asking them to make on your behalf. Here is a list of specific items to start gathering information about: 1. 2. 3. Determine your training needs. Determine how many people need the training. Determine which options will be used.
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