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Listing 7-5 shows a type where some methods and properties are labeled public but the methods that mutate the underlying collection (Add and the set method associated with the Item property) are labeled internal. Listing 7-5. Making Property Setters Internal to a Type Definition open System.Collections.Generic type public SparseVector () = let elems = new SortedDictionary<int,float>() member internal vec.Add (k,v) = elems.Add(k,v) member public vec.Count = elems.Keys.Count member vec.Item with public get i = if elems.ContainsKey(i) then elems.[i] else 0.0 and internal set i v = elems.[i] <- v
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s Note If you ever worked with SQL Server 2000, you ll recall there are two separate interfaces named
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Profile Module
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Figure 3-1. The HTML controls tab in the Toolbox
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Before starting, you ll need to find out the addresses of the mail servers you intend to use. In the case of POP3 and IMAP mail accounts, you ll need to know the incoming and outgoing server addresses (outgoing may be referred to as SMTP). In the case of Microsoft Exchange, you ll need to know the OWA URL and, optionally, the Active Directory/Global Address List server. With Novell GroupWare, you ll simply need to know the server name. You ll also need to know your username and password details for the incoming and possibly outgoing mail servers. After gathering the necessary information, follow these steps to configure Evolution:
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Figure 5 2. Creating a database search
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In addition to Fontwork effects, Impress includes a powerful 3D tool, which can give just about any on-screen element a 3D flourish (this tool is also available in some other applications). To use it, create a text box or shape using the Drawing toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Then right-click the text box or shape and select Convert 3D.
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From the toolbox, drag and drop the WebBrowser control onto the design surface. Make the width and height of that control to be the full width and height of available design surface on MainPage.xaml. Switch to code view (right-click MainPage.xaml and select View Code) and add the following code to the MainPage() constructor. This code will create a WebClient object, register the callback function for that object (you will write in in the next section), and create a request to retrieve the contents of securely. WebClient client = new WebClient(); client.OpenReadCompleted += new OpenReadCompletedEventHandler(HandleResponse); client.OpenReadAsync(new Uri(""));
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Figure 6-11. The server called from the ASP .NET client application
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Ajax Scripts and Services
Managed Preferences
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