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The Connector class provides an entry into the GCF. Connector is a factory class one that is responsible for creating other objects. When you call Connector.open(), you provide a connection string describing the resource you want to access. Connection strings look like URLs, but can describe a wide variety of connection types. Examples include http://apress.com, sms://+14155550100 and file:///SDCard/BlackBerry/Music/. If the device supports the requested connection type, it will return an object that implements the appropriate subclass of Connection. Figure 1-6 shows the relationship between Connector and Connection, along with a few representative Connection types. If the device does not support a particular type of connection, Connector will throw a
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each volume has a corresponding CFG file.
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CHAPTER 4: The Game Controller
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Keeping Things Fresh
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Sequences are frequently used to represent the process of streaming data from an external source, such as from a database query or from a computer s file system. For example, the following recursive function constructs a seq<string> that represents the process of recursively reading the names of all the files under a given path. The return types of Directory.GetFiles and Directory.GetDirectories are string[]; and as noted earlier, this type is always compatible with seq<string>: open System.IO let rec allFiles dir = Seq.append (dir |> Directory.GetFiles) (dir |> Directory.GetDirectories |> Seq.map allFiles |> Seq.concat) This gives the following type: val allFiles : string -> seq<string> Here is an example of the function being used on one of our machines: > allFiles @"c:\WINDOWS\system32";; val it : seq<string> = = seq ["c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\$winnt$.inf"; "c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\12520437.cpx"; "c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\12520850.cpx"; "c:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\6to4svc.dll"; ...] The allFiles function is interesting partly because it shows many aspects of F# working seamlessly together: Functions as values: The function allFiles is recursive and is used as a first-class function value within its own definition. Pipelining: The pipelining operator |> provides a natural way to present the transformations applied to each subdirectory name.
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Each column in a table is strongly typed, just like every variable in Visual Basic, but a difference (called impedance) exists between SQL data types and Visual Basic types. In s 3 and 7 we described how SQL data types are mapped to .NET types to handle this difference.
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If there is data within either of the tables, by setting this option to Yes we instruct SQL Server that when the time comes to physically add the relationship, the data within the tables is to be checked. If the data meets the definition of the relationship, then the relationship is successfully inserted into the table. However, if any data fails the relationship test, then the relationship is not applied to the database. An example of this would be when it is necessary to ensure that there is a customer record for all transactions, but there are customer transactions records that don t have a corresponding customer record, which would cause the relationship to fail. Obviously, if you come across this, you have a decision to make. Either correct the data by adding master records or altering the old records, and then reapply the relationship, or revisit the relationship to ensure it is what you want.
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Change both occurrences of this line to read:
Before we run the test, remember that this query needs three work areas one for each hash join that takes place and they will all be allocated simultaneously. If you had an 11-table join, you would need ten workareas if all the joins were hash joins (and one or two more if you did some grouping and ordering following the join). If I start a new session and check the session statistics after executing the query, these are the results I get from my instance with the manually controlled hash_area_size: Name ---session logical reads session uga memory max session pga memory max consistent gets physical reads Value ----6,037 12,948,124 14,791,008 6,037 6,015
CHAPTER 8: Training, Get You Some of That
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