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Edit or display the user s crontab file (scheduled tasks)
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Some Other Collection Libraries
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1. Ensure that SQL Server Management Studio is running and that the ApressFinancial database is expanded so that you see the Database Diagrams and Tables nodes. Select the Database Diagrams node and then right-click. Choose New Database Diagram (see Figure 6-10).
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Here is the inferred type of size: val size : Tree<'T> -> int Here is an example of a constructed tree term and the use of the size function: > let small = Tree("1",Tree("2",Tip("a"),Tip("b")),Tip("c"));; val small : Tree<string> > small;; val it : Tree<string> = Tree ("1",Tree ("2",Tip("a"),Tip("b")),Tip("c")) > size small;; val it : int = 5 s 8, 9, and 12 discuss symbolic manipulation based on trees.
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General Mouse Settings
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Defining the Workflow
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snfsdefrag -r -k newstoragepoolaffinitykey -m 1 /Volumes/VolumeName
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Installing a Flash Plug-in
where we used 1/40 * 1/50 in our calculations when both predicates were equalities, we would now use 39/40 * 49/50 because we now have two inequalities. There are some quirky side effects to this bugs, even. Consider a query with a disjunct (OR) between two predicates: select t1.v1, t2.v1 from t1, t2 where or ; t2.join1 = t1.join1 t2.join2 = t1.join2 -- (30 / 40 values for num_distinct) -- (50 / 40 values for num_distinct)
In order to simulate use of the location service, you will be intercepting the GeoCoordinateWatcher s PositionChanged event using an Observable object. With an Observable object, you can subscribe to an event and then stream the data received to the subscribed event delegates. For the examples in this chapter, you will subscribe to the PositionChanged event to feed GPS data to the parts of your application
The safest setting is to use the refresh rate of 60Hz. The refresh rate list is based on your monitor settings (step 3) and resolution settings (step 4). As another precaution, check your monitor documentation for the appropriate refresh rate for your monitor.
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