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Figure 28-1. Filters can be used to trim the list of search results according to certain criteria.
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Two trace files are critical to investigating the hash join. One is the standard CBO trace event 10053; the other is the hash join trace event 10104.
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Playing Video
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Following this, Windows users can access the shared folder using My Network Places/ Network Neighborhood, where it should be detected alongside other Windows computers (under Vista, click Start Network). Users will be able to log in with your Ubuntu username and password.
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CHAPTER 12: Securing a Wireless Network
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Creating Pipes
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Creating a Database
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4. Select the recipients of the encrypted file, as shown in Figure 9-12. To encrypt a file
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System.setProperty("", "JETSPEED"); code scan barcode 39
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A complex number belongs to the Mandelbrot set if zn converges for n. You can test each number c in the complex plane and decide whether the number belongs to the Mandelbrot set. Because it s not practical to perform an infinite computation to test each number of the complex plane, there is an approximation of the test based on a theorem that if the distance of zi from the origin passes 2, then the sequence will diverge and the corresponding z0 won t belong to the set. The code to compute membership of the Mandelbrot set is as follows: open System.Numerics let sqrMod (x:Complex) = x.Real * x.Real + x.Imaginary * x.Imaginary let rec mandel maxit (z:Complex) (c: Complex) count = if (sqrMod(z) < 4.0) && (count < maxit) then mandel maxit ((z * z) + c) c (count + 1) else count You can create a simple visual representation of the Mandelbrot set by coloring all the points belonging to the set. In this way, you obtain the black portion of Figure 11-7. How can you obtain the richness of color The trick is to color points depending on how fast the sequence reaches the distance of 2 from the origin. You use 250 colors and map the [0, maxit] interval to the [0, 250] discrete color interval.
<timesheet-mail-recipient> </timesheet-mail-recipient> <timesheet-context-path> /timesheet </timesheet-context-path> <timesheet-tomcat-manager-url> http://localhost:8080/manager </timesheet-tomcat-manager-url> </properties> </profile> </profiles> <servers> <server> <id>timesheet</id> <username>admin</username> <password>adminpassword</password> </server> </servers> <activeProfiles> <activeProfile>standard-config</activeProfile> </activeProfiles> </settings> You will need to change the two lines shown in bold in Listing 2-5. These are, respectively, an SMTP server to use when the application sends e-mail, the recipient of the e-mails sent by the application server, and the administrative username for the manager application on your Tomcat server. Some of the other values in this file assume that you are using the default application configuration. If you are not, you will need to modify the appropriate entries. For example, if you were running your Tomcat server on port 80 instead of port 8080, you would need to alter the value of the timesheet-tomcat-manager-url element from http:// localhost:8080/manager to http://localhost:80/manager or http://localhost/manager. With the settings file configured, you can build the source code by issuing the command mvn install in the root timesheets directory. With your Tomcat server running, you can install the web application by using the command mvn tomcat:deploy and can uninstall it by using the command mvn tomcat:undeploy.
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