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Drag the yellow line that indicates the time position to the 3 second mark. Go back to the Designer and drag the list from its position off the left-hand side of the screen to the final position that you want it to appear, and set its opacity to 100%. You ll see a few things happen: a new key marker will appear at the 3 second mark, the area between the two markers will be filled in, and a guide line showing the path of the animation will appear on the Designer (see Figure 8-30).
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It s happened to all of us: we re working in Microsoft Word or some other program, and all of a sudden it stops responding. You click around on a menu and you just can t get it to do anything. Usually this happens to us when we try to put a joke into one of our chapters (guess it just does not compute). If you have a program that becomes unresponsive and will not quit, then you may need to force quit it. You will have two ways to do this. The first is to simply click on an application icon for an application that is in use in your dock until you get a menu that will give you the option to Force Quit (if Mac OS X has determined that the application is hung), or simply Quit (if Mac OS X has not determined that an application is hung). The second is to use the Command-Option-Escape keystroke to bring up the Force Quit Applications screen, which you can see in Figure 2 7. If Mac OS X considers the application to be hung, then the title for the application will appear in the list in red. You will then be able to click on the application and then click on the Force Quit button, whether the application is hung or not. The one exception is the Finder. If the Finder needs to be Force Quit, because it is your interface to the computer, it will give you a button to Relaunch, which you can click and after a time, the Finder will likely lower. CAUTION: If you Force Quit an application, you will not have the opportunity to save data for that application.
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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Figure 2-17. The Build options
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5. You have seen the WHERE in action using the equals sign; it is also possible to use the other relational operations in the WHERE statement. The next query demonstrates how SQL Server takes the WHERE condition and starts returning records after the given point. This query provides an interesting set of results. Enter the code as detailed here: SELECT ShareDesc,CurrentPrice FROM ShareDetails.Shares WHERE ShareDesc > 'FAT-BELLY.COM' AND ShareDesc < 'TEXAS OIL INDUSTRIES' 6. Once done, execute the code and check the results, which should resemble Figure 8-26.
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The TargetType property specifies the class that contains the method that is to be invoked. In the dropdown list, select Browse for Types. In the dialog that appears, expand the OrderProcess assembly and select the OrderDiscount class, as shown in Figure 7-9.
Figure 3 40. Using the Date and Time Functoids This example captures the current date and time in the TransactionProcessingDateTime element, which is supplied by the Date and Time functoid. The format of the date and time produced by the Date and Time functoid is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss, which is ISO 8601-compliant. The time values are notated in 24-hour format. The future date that the deposited funds will be available is captured in the FundsAvailableDateTime element. This value is based off the current date, supplied by the Date functoid, with a single day added to it to provide tomorrow s date, which is supplied by the Add Days functoid. The format of the Date functoid s output is YYYY-MM-DD, while the Add Days functoid accepts dates formatted as YYYY-MMDD or YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss. The format of the Add Days functoid s output is YYYY-MM-DD. All date formats used by these two functoids are ISO 8601 compliant. The time values are notated in 24hour format. The XML in Listing 3 22 represents one possible instance of the source schema. Listing 3 22. Sample Source Instance for the Date/Time Functoid Example <ns0:ATMDeposit xmlns:ns0="http:// DateTimeFunctoids.ATMDeposit"> <ATMNumber>00111</ATMNumber> <AccountNumber>123456</AccountNumber> <Amount>100.00</Amount> <Currency>USD</Currency> </ns0:ATMDeposit> When passed to the map in Figure 3 40, this XML message will produce the outbound XML document shown in Listing 3 23.
When you start the AirPort Utility, you re immediately able to browse all the AirPorts on the network at once in a list on the left side of the screen. This list includes all AirPorts that are visible over the Ethernet interface, as well as AirPorts on the wireless network. You can choose to have the AirPort configured with the wizard by clicking Continue, or to be configured manually by clicking Manual Setup. Clicking Manual Setup opens the screen shown in Figure 12 4.
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