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In larger environments, system administrators have been grappling with various methods to handle file permissions for a good while now. Over the years, the Mac administrative community has developed a few different methodologies as standard practices for managing permissions. In this section, we ll touch on these permissions methodologies, or models, to give you a better understanding about the ways that filesharing permissions policies can be implemented on Mac networks. Discretionary access control (DAC) allows data owners to administer file permissions themselves. In a DAC model, administrators often spend less time assigning permissions (which often means spending more time restoring accidentally deleted files). Discretionary access control systems permit users to entirely determine the access granted to their resources, which means they can (through accident or malice) give access to unauthorized users. The owner of any resource has access to control the privileges to that resource. There are often no security checks ensuring malicious code is not distributed or that the owner of a file or folder is well trained enough to be assigning permissions in the first place. This is the default model and, unfortunately, the most common model for controlling permissions. However, in addition to time spent on restoring deleted files, DAC is also limited in that security breaches can be caused when users who do not understand the appropriate access levels for files within their organization assign permissions that cause security breaches. Mandatory access control (MAC) is a model that can augment or even replace DAC for file permissions. MAC s most important feature involves denying users full control over the access to resources that they create. The system security policy (as set by the administrator) entirely determines the access rights granted, and a user cannot grant less restrictive access to their resources than the administrator specifies. MAC has the goal of defining an architecture that requires the evaluation of all securityrelated information and making decisions based on what is done with data and the various data types in use in your organization. MAC is a strict hierarchical model usually associated with governments. All objects are given security labels known as sensitivity labels, and are classified accordingly. All users are then given specific security clearances as to what they are allowed to access. A common term when working with MAC is lattice, which describes the upper and lower bounds of a user s access permission. In other words, a user s access differs at different levels. Role-based access control (RBAC) involves limiting access to files based on the responsibilities of a user. When using a role-based security model for access controls,
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CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
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didn t show it because it was obvious. Here s the thing. Nothing is obvious when you re buried in code, it s late, you re tired, and have deadlines to meet. There s a saying in playwriting: if it s not on the page, it s not on the stage. This means, if it s not written down, you won t be seeing it. The key point write it down! You also need to keep score and show it to the player. So you have to add the score somewhere, and, the labels indicating which score belongs to whom. How do the paddles move You talked about this earlier, but you didn t show it. For simplicity you re going to have the paddles move only to the left and to the right to work with the potentiometer on your game controller. There are also some less obvious things. Does the game table take up the whole screen or is it smaller Here you need to think about how realistic you want your game to be. A regulation table is nine feet long by five feet wide or simply nine by five. The iPhone screen is 480 by 320, or reducing that, three by two. The dimensions don t match. They re close if you multiply the iPhone screen dimensions by three, you get nine by six. But that s still not nine by five. This is where it becomes a judgment call. Normally, I would take the safe route the technically safe route and make the playing surface match the iPhone s screen dimensions. You don t have to worry about what s outside the table bounds and can even choose to either let the ball continue out or have it bounce back into play as if the edges were a wall. Like I said, that s normally what I d do. For this exercise, I m going to stick with a table that retains the nine by five dimensions and place it inside a virtual room. My feeling on this is that, when you play table tennis, you move far to the left and right of the table to make shots with significant angles. This differs from a game like air hockey where you are constrained by the sides of the playing surface. The thing is, in air hockey, you re aiming for a small target and the reduced set of angles makes sense. Your opponent only has to guard a small, central area. But in your table tennis type of game, you open up the playing field with much wider margins. Like you, your opponent can move to extreme angles to win the point, so you re going to let that happen in your game. Anything else Hmmm, let s think about it. You ve decided on the table dimensions, restricted the player s paddle movements to left and right, you added scoring. Is anything missing It may sound overly detailed, but you need to add the ball to the drawing. Trust me. It s a very small thing to add and it makes your diagram complete. Now let s take a look at your revised drawing in Figure 5 2. All the elements just described have been added to make things a little more clear. You added both the player s and computer s score along with labels to tell which is which. You added a serve button, the ball, and an example movement line. You added a separate rectangle around the playing surface to indicate that the table is within the iPhone screen bounds, and you added a ball. Let s cheat and see what the final game is going to look like to see how close you need to be on your spec drawing. Looking at Figure 5 3 you can see that the drawing very closely represents what is in your final Pong game.
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Script join_card_09.sql in the online code suite builds three tables, and joins them along a column containing nulls. The computed cardinality for 8i is a long way off the computed cardinality for 9i and 10g. create table t1 as select mod(rownum-1,15) lpad(rownum,10) rpad('x',100) from all_objects where rownum <= 150 ;
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Printing in Silverlight
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New Data Binding Features in Silverlight 4
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This mapping will map all files within the Views directory to its filename minus the extension. For example, /Views/View1.xaml would map to View1 and /Views/AboutPage.xaml would map to AboutPage. As you can see if you are able to set a naming convention that you can follow, Uri Routing can really help you handle default mappings with the navigation framework.
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Let s find the minimum, maximum, and average number of items of each product from the Order Details table. Enter the following query into SSMSE and execute it. You should see the results in Figure 11-7.
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protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { try { //setup timer interval from settings file timer1.Interval = Convert.ToInt32(SettingsComplaint.Default.TimerDelay); //generate report first time before calling //according to time interval generateReport(); timer1.Enabled = true; timer1.Start(); using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(@"c:\ServiceStart.txt")) { sw.WriteLine("service start"); } } catch (Exception ex) { using (StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(@"c:\ServiceError.txt")) { sw.WriteLine(ex.Message); } } } protected override void OnStop() { //notify via email if service is stopped //SendMail("SMTPserver", "Complaint", // SettingsComplaint.Default.EmailTo, "Service Stopped!", // "Contact IT support",""); } private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e) { generateReport(); } public void generateReport() { LocalReport rpvComplaint = new LocalReport();
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Note When specifying channel information in a configuration file that will be used in IIS for example, to
To install the totem-xine package, start the Synaptic Package Manager (System Administration) and click the Search button. Search for totem-xine. Click the check box alongside the entry in the results list and select to install it. As you ll see from the warning dialog box, installing totem-xine also installs a lot of other packages, including the necessary codecs for playback of virtually all multimedia files. This is fine. From now on, you ll need to run the Xine version of Totem to play DVD movies. You ll have to do this before you insert the DVD movie disc, to avoid the standard version of Totem attempting to play it. To run the Xine version of Totem, you can use either of these methods: Run it from a terminal window: Click Applications Accessories Terminal and type nohup totem-xine. Create a new launcher: Right-click the desktop, select Create Launcher, and in the Command text box, type totem-xine. In the Name box, type something like Totem (Xine) for easy identification, and then click OK.
Data services are useful and extensible pieces of software. You have seen how they can be extended to support additional features with the help of custom factories and custom service adapters. What I discuss next are the interesting features around run-time configuration and application security that data services offer.
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