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The behavior of these and other operators can be extended for user-defined types, a topic covered in 6. In F#, addition, subtraction, and multiplication over integers are unchecked; that is, if overflow or underflow occurs beyond the representable range, then wraparound occurs. For example, 2147483647 is the largest representable 32-bit integer of the int type: > 2147483647+1;; val it : int = -2147483648 You can access checked versions of arithmetic operators that raise System.OverflowException exceptions by opening the Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators.Checked module. If avoiding overflow is a priority, then using the decimal, bigint, and bignum types is recommended. Division by zero raises a System.DivideByZeroException exception, except in the case of floating-point numbers, where it returns one of the special floating-point numbers Infinity and -Infinity. Operator overloading interacts with type inference if a use of an overloaded operator isn t otherwise constrained to work on a particular type, then F# assumes it works on 32-bit integers. To constrain a use of an operator to a particular type, you must give a type annotation that has the effect of telling the compiler the type on the left of the two arguments to the binary operator. For example, in the absence of additional type information, the following function is assumed to work with integers: > let squareAndAdd a b = a * a + b;; val squareAndAdd : int -> int -> int A single type annotation on a is sufficient to indicate that a * a is an operation on float values and thus returns a float value, and that a * a + b is also an operation on float: > let squareAndAdd (a:float) b = a * a + b;; val squareAndAdd : float -> float -> float If you want, you can also give full type annotations for the arguments and return type of a function: > let squareAndAdd (a:float) (b:float) : float = a * a + b;; val squareAndAdd : float -> float -> float
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Define Atom and g namespacing:
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In this chapter, you started your hands-on learning. You learned the steps to get your Windows Forms client up and running to host your reports, looked at a few reporting projects, and learned to apply client-side reporting functionality while going through the practical steps using real-world examples. In the next chapter, we ll continue the same trend; however, next time our client will be an ASP.NET web form.
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With Rhythmbox, you can listen to a number of predefined Internet radio stations or add your own. Provided the MP3 codec software is installed, as discussed previously, Rhythmbox is compatible with streaming MP3-based playlists, such as those listed at http:// shoutcast.com. To view the available stations, click the Radio heading in the list on the left side of the Rhythmbox window. To listen to a radio station with Rhythmbox, double-click its entry in the list. To stop playback, deselect the Play button on the toolbar by clicking it. To add a new station, you can do either of the following: Right-click in a blank area below the list of existing stations on the right side of the program window and click New Internet Radio Station. Then enter its URL. Radio stations usually show the URL for their audio streams on their web sites. Open the radio station s playlist (.pls) within Rhythmbox by downloading it directly from a web site. For example, browsing to the Shoutcast web site and clicking the Tune In button alongside a station listed there will open a dialog box that lets you download or open the .pls file. Opening the .pls file is the easier way of adding a radio station, but unfortunately, the default player in Ubuntu for .pls files is Totem, which can cause some confusion. However, the situation can be remedied easily. To open the .pls file with Rhythmbox instead, follow these steps:
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Directory Services: This section of the security tab is where you configure LDAPv3 and Active Directory integration. Use Global Catalog: Removing the mark from this check box will
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As has been discussed thus far, Silverlight is a browser plug-in that renders XAML and exposes a JavaScript programming model in version 1.0. However, early access versions
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The client distribution for Apache Slide includes a command-line client and a WebDAV client library. We will use both to build a portlet that communicates with a WebDAV server. Both the WebDAV client library and the command-line client are open source projects licensed with the Apache Software License. The Java WebDAV client API is straightforward, once you understand the basics of the WebDAV protocol. The WebDAV client library is in the jakarta-slide-webdavlib-2.0.jar file. You need to copy that file into your WEB-INF/lib folder. The source distribution of the Slide client includes the source code of the command-line client. The command-line client is the best source for information on how to use the WebDAV client library, so we used its source code as a model for our portlet. The WebDAV client library classes are in the org.apache.webdav.lib, org.apache.webdav.lib.methods, and org.apache.webdav.lib.properties packages. Your application will create an org.apache.webdav.lib.WebdavResource object that represents a resource on the remote server. You will need the URL of the remote resource, along with the username and password (if necessary). If the resource does not exist, you can create it once you have the object. Once you have an object that represents a resource, you can execute the WebDAV methods we discussed in the previous section. The WebDAV methods are available directly on the WebdavResource object (mkcolMethod(), moveMethod(), deleteMethod(), etc.). Other methods on the WebdavResource object use WebDAV indirectly, or return information that already exists on the object. These include list(), listBasic(), and listWebdavResources(). Each of these methods returns information about the child resources of the current resource if the current resource is a collection. The list() method returns a String array of pathnames to the children. The listBasic() method returns the child resources path names, content
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This leaves you with three issues to consider. First, 8i is not optimizing parallel queries properly. Second, as you upgrade, costs of parallel execution can change dramatically, and you may not be able to predict the side effects. Third, the arithmetic used by 9i assumes that there will be absolutely no interference between parallel execution slaves and that s not going to be very realistic in most cases. The change between 8i and 9i is controlled by parameter optimizer_percent_parallel (hidden from 9i onwards as _optimizer_percent_parallel). In 8i, the default value was zero in other words, calculate as serial. In 9i the default value is 101 which causes Oracle to perform its calculations on the basis of 100% parallelism. You can, in theory, set the parameter to any value between 0 and 101. If you do, then the optimizer does a straight-line interpolation between the serial cost (the Resc figure in a
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Starting with the GameController.h file, you need to include the ExternalAccessory interface file. I will generally also add a reference to the project s application delegate so that, if you need to, you can access any common variables at that level.
use pointer arithmetic on data that s on the managed heap, as you saw in 5 when you looked at how to iterate over the elements of a managed array using pointer arithmetic. The call to MessageBoxW is a transition to native code, just as in the case where P/Invoke was used to call MessageBox. As long as the native functions are called infrequently and the main action is in the managed code, this form of interop makes sense. If all you have is a binary, you don t have any other options available to you. In the next section, you ll see how if you have access to the source for the native library and can recompile it, you can avoid the context switch between native and managed code.
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