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CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes example source code looping barcode
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Specifying the Namespaces
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private void WireUpKeyEvents() { var keys = Observable.FromEvent<KeyEventArgs>(txtZipCode, "KeyUp").Throttle(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)).DistinctUntilChanged(); keys.ObserveOn(Deployment.Current.Dispatcher).Subscribe(evt => { if (txtZipCode.Text.Length >= 5) { WireUpWeatherEvents(); weatherClient.GetWeatherByZipCodeAsync(txtZipCode.Text); } }); } Now the timeout feature should work properly. Notice, however, that it will most likely take slightly more than two seconds to return a valid response from the Weather service. Rx.NET also provides a Retry method that optionally takes a parameter for the number of times to retry to re-subscribe to the Observable collection. If you don t specify that parameter, Rx.NET will try to re-subscribe to the Observable collection indefinitely. One way to deal with an absent or slow connection is to retry the subscription two or three times, and then, if unsuccessful, give the user the option to either retry once more or cancel. You will see how to give the user that option in the next section.
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Workspace Switcher
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A single atomic scope is not that expensive in the context to processing of an entire orchestration. However, the use of multiple atomic scopes can be expensive because BizTalk sets a checkpoint before and after an atomic scope is executed. Consider ways to combine multiple atomic scopes into fewer atomic scopes. The checkpoint takes place so that the orchestration can be resumed if it is suspended due to an exception in the atomic scope.
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// middle of play. In any other state (NOT STARTED, GAME WON, POINT OVER) the player should determine // things (SERVE or not). // // Note also that this method also sets the game's status: // (1) If the ball is past the player's end, the computer has scored and we set POINT_OVER // (2) Similarly, if the ball is past the computer's end, the player scored and POINT_OVER as well. // (3) If the point total of a player is equal to the constant GAME_WON, we set status = GAME_OVER // (4) NOT_STARTED is set at startup in the viewDidLoad method. // -(void)gameLoop { if(status == IN_PLAY) { = CGPointMake( + ballSpeed.x, + ballSpeed.y); // move the ball // // If we turned on an LED in the last loop, then turn it off now // if (redLEDOn) { [self turnOffRedLED]; redLEDOn = NO; } if (greenLEDOn) { [self turnOffGreenLED]; greenLEDOn = NO; } // Has the ball hit the edge of the room if ( > (self.view.bounds.size.width - WALL_MARGIN) || < (0 + WALL_MARGIN)) { ballSpeed.x = - ballSpeed.x; } if ( > self.view.bounds.size.height || < 0) { ballSpeed.y = - ballSpeed.y; } // player scored against computer if ( < 0) { // set status to hold status = POINT_OVER; playerScore++; playerScoreView.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d",playerScore]; if (playerScore == GAME_WON) { winOrLoseView.text = @"YOU WIN"; playerScore = 0; compScore = 0; status = GAME_OVER; } [self setServePosition];
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Tip A tool such as Visual Studio can help you determine when a type has implemented IDisposable. When you
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Figure 1-15. Selecting the new user s account type
Figure 9-15. Adding a view
In this chapter, you learned about the design philosophy of interfaces in C++/CLI as well as explicit interface implementation and special considerations when using properties on an interface. You were also introduced to some of the commonly used interfaces in the .NET Framework, such as IComparable, which enables you to use collection classes to sort instances of your types, and IEnumerable, which enables you to use the for each statement on your types. You also considered the question of when abstract types are to be used and when interfaces are best used, and considered the use of interfaces as stand-ins for dynamically loaded types. You ll get a chance to look at exceptions and attributes, and more closely at reflection, next.
links.remove(link); failed.add(link); } finally {
Any portlet in the portlet application can retrieve or modify any attributes in the user s session stored as application scope. Portlets set session attributes with the two setAttribute() methods. Each method takes the name and value of the attribute. The only difference is which scope the attribute uses. The first method takes no scope argument, and the attribute belongs in the portlet scope. The next method takes an int value as the scope argument. There are two acceptable values for the scope: the static constants PortletSession.PORTLET_SCOPE and PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE.
Even though IIS provides a secure and scalable hosting environment for .NET applications, you might want or need to host your components in a custom Windows service. In this case, there is no built-in support for security in the .NET Remoting framework. Of course, the first idea would be to manually serialize and transfer the user s credentials across the wire, but that is definitely insecure as the server has no way to figure out whether trusting the information received is a good idea or not. Furthermore, information is not encrypted so you would have to provide your own encryption and digital signature functionality, which leads to key exchange issues. (When and how to exchange keys Where should you store the keys ) Instead, there are other cryptographically safe methods for exchanging these credentials. Microsoft for example released an additional component in 2003 that provides for new security features for .NET Remoting. This component is now available in version 2.0 including complete source code and extensive documentation from dndotnet/html/remsec.asp. To compile and use this component, you also have to download a managed wrapper of the SSPI features, which provide access to the underlying security infrastructure of the Windows operating system. You can download the SSPI component also including source code and lots of documentation from en-us/dndotnet/html/remsspi.asp.
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