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In classic C++, an enum is an integer type. In C++/CLI, the enum class is also treated as an integral type but, rather like int can be boxed into an object type, and array types inherit implicitly System::Array, enum objects inherit implicitly from System::Enum, and methods available on System::Enum may be called. This inheritance relationship doesn t preclude them from being treated as integers for efficiency, however, since, like any other value type, they are only boxed into the relevant object type when needed, for example, to call a method.
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RIM-COD-Module-Dependencies: net_rim_cldc,net_rim_os,net_rim_bb_framework_api, net_rim_bbapi_menuitem,net_rim_pdap,net_rim_crypto_1,net_rim_crypto_3, net_rim_bbapi_mailv2 RIM-MIDlet-Flags-1: 1 RIM-MIDlet-Flags-2: 0 RIM-COD-URL-9: MediaGrabber-9.cod RIM-COD-Size-9: 49972 RIM-COD-SHA1-9: a4 75 3d 10 c9 93 e6 49 b0 05 80 96 39 03 42 0f 12 ff 69 9d RIM-COD-URL-10: MediaGrabber-10.cod RIM-COD-Size-10: 49976 RIM-COD-SHA1-10: 87 b5 20 cb c5 7e 29 10 4c 8e c6 2a 4d fa 90 11 8f 1d 70 87
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When creating a new web project within Visual Web Developer Express 2005, support for the debugging is not automatically enabled. You will notice when a new web project is created that no web.config file is included in the project. From reading the previous chapters, you might have guessed that the ability to debug stems from the configuration to do so within the web.config file. However, with that said, when a new web project is built and run, if there is no web.config file, Visual Web Developer Express 2005 will prompt you to select the option to enable debugging. The message appears as shown in Figure 12-1.
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How It Works
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Pictures: This folder is utilized for picture storage. iPhoto maintains its database in this folder, as do other third-party photo organizers. Public: This folder serves as a public store for other users. This folder free pdf417
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The assumption is that the server socket is running locally. In such an instance, the preceding code works without any extra help. In real-life deployment environments, though, this will rarely be the case. The server socket would run on some and would listen on some port, say 8080. Like everything else in Flash, the player security restrictions and requirements would kick in and you d need to define a policy file so that such operations are permitted. You could configure the application in such a way that the policy file is read over the same port, and then the socket connection is established and used for communication. In this chapter, the primary inspiration is to integrate Flex and Java. Often the remote data published by Java is going to be accessible over standard protocols like HTTP. So classes like HTTPService and URLLoader would be enough to communicate in most cases. However, as we saw, both these classes have their limitations, and in some cases, it s feasible to use the Socket class. In such cases, the requirement may be to connect over port 80, which is usually the default HTTP port. According to the security policy, any port below 1024 when accessed through Sockets needs special permission in its policy files. So once more, you d have to ensure that the policy file has the relevant permissions and is in place. This ends the peek into the Socket classes. However, before wrapping up and moving to the next topic, it is extremely important to mention a few things about sockets.
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The Portlet Life Cycle
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And here is the entire Main procedure from Program.cs:
a third-party application to snap photos and for the application to retrieve them for its own purposes by handling the chooser s Completed event. You will write code to capture photos shortly, but before you do that, it s important to understand one more basic concept when working with launchers and choosers the application execution model and application tombstoning (for a look at the Windows Phone application life cycle, see 10 for more detail). As you know by now, the first version of the Windows Phone 7 platform does not support multitasking due to the excessive demands it puts on the battery and other resources on the device. Launchers and choosers are, in essence, separate applications that are launched from within your application. Since support for multitasking does not exist, your application effectively terminates when launchers or choosers are used. This termination is known as tombstoning, and it has direct implications on programming Windows Phone 7 devices that use launchers and choosers, such as the photo management applications you will build in this chapter. The difference between application tombstoning and application termination is that when an application is tombstoned, it is fully expected to be resumed upon completion of the launcher or chooser. Upon resuming, the application should continue in the same state that it was left off in, with data specific to the application session before tombstoning properly preserved. It is up to the application programmer to ensure that happens and that data gets properly restored.
To set up this different processing based on these three scenarios, you add a Decide shape to the orchestration and configure two rule branches and the else branch. For the first rule branch, define the expression to ensure the state is Washington and that a Social Security number was provided, as shown in Figure 5 18.
Contrary to popular belief, the Mac is not impervious to malware. Viruses, worms and rootkits are very real threats to the integrity of the Mac operating system and as such should be safeguarded against. By understanding what these threats are, how to protect yourself against them, and engaging in ways to combat them, you re that much closer to a more secure and stable computing experience. Now, let s move on to discussing how to secure your Mac s operating system through data encryption.
A standard user account under Ubuntu is normally limited in what it can do. As a standard user, you can save files to your own private area of the disk, located in the /home directory, but usually nowhere else. You can move around the file system, but some directories are strictly out of bounds. In a similar way, some files can be opened as read-only, so you cannot save changes to them. All of this is enforced using file permissions. Every file and directory is owned by a user. In addition, files and directories have three separate settings that indicate who within the Linux system can read them, who can write to them, and, if the file in question is runnable (usually a program or a script), who can run it (execute it). In the case of directories, it s also possible to set who can browse them, as well as who can write files to them. If you try to access a file or directory for which you don t have permission, you ll be turned away with an access denied error message.
Unmanaged C Type
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