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Template file containing the HTML layout of the user agreement, shown when a user registers for the forum Template file containing the HTML that is substituted for BBCode in posts A yes or no form shown when phpBB needs user input on an action before it can continue (such as when deleting a post) Template file containing the HTML for noncritical error messages displayed by phpBB Template file containing the HTML for the FAQ list Template file containing the HTML that displays information about a user group Template file containing the HTML that displays a list of pending group memberships Template file containing the HTML showing a user s group membership details Template file that provides the HTML for the Forum Index page A template snippet that contains the HTML for the forum jumpbox located in the bottom-right corner of most pages in phpBB Template file for the login form Template file for the Memberlist page Template file for the first page of the Moderator Control Panel, where topics are listed Template file for the form that permits a moderator to move topics to another forum Template file for the form that permits a moderator to split a topic into two separate topics Template file that provides the view for the IP management utility Template file for the main footer used on most pages in phpBB, which provides the copyright date and a link to the Administration panel (if applicable), and closes the page Template file for the main header used on most pages in phpBB, which provides the opening of the HTML page, style sheet information, meta tags, the Mozilla navigation bar, the site title and slogan, and other navigational aids Template file used to create the posting and private message sending form Template file that provides the interface for creating a poll Template file that provides the interface for previewing posts Template file that provides the expanded view of all available emoticons Template file that generates the topic review frame on the posting page Template file that generates the folder view for private messages
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be similar to aid those in your remote support team who may end up providing phone support.
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Figure 5-47. Report output with the Hide Price List option selected Recall in the first chapter that I showed you a real-world example of a Trial Balance report in Arabic Well, let me show you now how you can create a report that is not in the English language. Further, you ll see how to handle a language that is written from right to left.
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see 15 of Matthew MacDonald s Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and Custom Controls in VB 2005 (Apress 2006).
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FTP site; you should specify the FTP address using the ftp://user:pwd@ftpaddress:port syntax.
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// create dictionary with input arguments for the workflow IDictionary<string, object> input = new Dictionary<string, object> { { "OrderInfo" , myOrder } }; // execute the workflow IDictionary<string, object> output = WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(new OrderWF(), input); // Get the TotalAmount returned by the workflow decimal total = (decimal)output["TotalAmount"]; Console.WriteLine("Workflow returned ${0} for my order total", total); Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to exit"); Console.ReadLine(); } } }
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Figure 4-12. Using aggregate functions
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Snapshot replication requires less administrative overhead than the other two forms of replication. Just as it sounds, a snapshot of the database is taken and replicated as a whole to a subscriber. This is very useful when you have data that changes infrequently. Perhaps you might need to update your list of available products to your sales team a few times a year. When the sales representatives connect to your network, a snapshot of your data can be pushed out to them so they see all the new products. Be careful using snapshot replication on very large data sets. You can easily cause network issues if you were to decide to push a 100GB snapshot out to 100 subscribers in the middle of the day. If you do not have the multi server platform requirements that would force you into transactional replication, and if you do not want the hassles of merge replication, then snapshot replication may be the right solution for your shop. While snapshot replication is the easiest type to manage, there s another method of moving data around that requires even less work and time.
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This chapter detailed the extensions to JavaScript that are provided by the ASP.NET AJAX extensions. You first looked at the programmer productivity enhancements brought about by the object-oriented extensions to JavaScript that provide for the ability to create classes. On top of this, the standard object-oriented methodologies of namespaces, inheritance, interfaces, and reflection were discussed. Additionally in this chapter, you looked into what is available to programmers using arrays, Boolean values, dates, errors, numbers, and strings in ASP.NET AJAX. With these tools on your belt, and with the server controls and services from previous chapters, you are now armed to go out and start building real-world applications using ASP .NET AJAX!
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