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All this stored procedure does is run a query. SSMSE submitted the CREATE PROCEDURE statement and once the stored procedure was created, you ran it from Object Explorer. That s it. There s nothing complicated about creating stored procedures. The challenge is coding them when they re nontrivial, and stored procedures can be quite complicated and can do very powerful things, but that s well beyond the scope of this book.
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Adding permissions checks won t have any impact at all on the simulator, where everything is always permitted. The impact on the device may be different based on the particular handset you are using. If you have previously always been able to run MediaGrabber with no problems or annoyances, odds are high that you already had all the permissions you need, and so the permissions request will never display. For most developers, though, you will see the prompt display the first time you launch the new version of MediaGrabber on the device. Experiment with granting or denying permissions to see how it affects the app s behavior. If you have previously set all permissions, you can continue testing by changing some back to Deny or Prompt, as previously described in the Application Permissions section of this chapter.
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The RAW Mode
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You want to programmatically configure an HTTP send port from an orchestration using a Message Assignment shape.
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able to deal with it. However, most backups do not happen when you are there and will happen through the night. In the next section, you will see more about scheduling jobs and how to schedule a task to run through the night. However, it doesn t cover what to do when things go wrong. This is a difficult area to discuss and should be integrated with our database maintenance plan, which is covered later in this chapter in the section Creating a Database Maintenance Plan. This example demonstrates how to complete a backup manually rather than as an automated process. Before moving on, there are a couple more points concerning backups that you must keep in mind, and it is recommended strongly that these directions be followed. First of all, keep a regular and up-to-date backup of the master and msdb system databases. SQL Server very rarely becomes corrupted, but it can happen for any number of reasons, from a hard drive failure to a developer altering the database in error. It really doesn t matter, but if you don t have a backup of the master database, you could find yourself in trouble. However, be warned. Restoring the master database should not be performed unless you really have to, and only if you are experienced with SQL Server. Restoring the master database is not like restoring other databases, and has to be completed outside SQL Server Management Studio. This book quite deliberately does not cover having to restore the master database, since it is a very advanced topic. If you wish to know more, then take a look at Books Online for more details. When it comes to the msdb database and when to back it up, it could be that a daily backup is required. If you recall, this database holds job schedules and other information pertinent to the SQL Server Agent for scheduling. If you have jobs that run each day, and you need to keep information about when jobs were run, a daily backup may be required. However, if you only wish to keep a backup of jobs, etc. that are set up and there is no need to know when certain jobs ran and whether they were successful or not, then perhaps look at backing up this database weekly. The model database should be backed up if any details within the model database have been altered. This should be pretty infrequent, and therefore backing up this database need not be as regular as any other database; once a week is probably frequent enough. Backing up tempdb is not necessary, as this should be seen as a transient database, which has no set state.
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Group members are listed at the top of the permissions screens, so you know to which members you are assigning those permissions. As with user permissions, you can assign specific permissions in private forums and give a whole group moderator access to a forum. Sites such as and the official phpBB web site leverage this functionality to give specific teams of staff permission to moderate their assigned forums, without needing to labor through giving moderator rights to individual users. This has the added benefit of cutting down on clutter on the Forum Index page, too, as you can maintain order in your list of moderators underneath each forum. Otherwise, you end up with a considerably large string of users that just takes up space and makes your forum look a little more visually busy, which generally you wish to avoid. A particularly useful application of user groups is for creating supermoderators. As I mentioned earlier in this chapter, a supermoderator is generally a moderator who has permission to moderate all forums in the community. phpBB 2.0 does not come with integrated supermoderator functionality, however. The workaround is to create a user group, named something like Super Moderator, assign your trusted users to this group, and then make the group moderator of the forums you wish these users to moderate. The upside to this approach is that you can restrict supermoderators power in certain forums (leaving those for administrators to control), while other supermoderator implementations do not permit these kinds of restrictions.
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Data readers are objects that implement the System.Data.IDataReader interface. A data reader is a fast, unbuffered, forward-only, read-only connected stream that retrieves data on a per-row basis. It reads one row at a time as it loops through a result set. You can t directly instantiate a data reader; instead, you create one with the ExecuteReader method of a command. For example, assuming cmd is a SqlClient command object for a query, here s how to create a SqlClient data reader: Dim rdr As SqlDataReader=cmd.ExecuterReader You can now use this data reader to access the query s result set.
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Text Size Dock
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public URL getResource(String path) throws MalformedURLException
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Caution Even though using SoapSuds might seem intriguing when you look at it for the first time, experience shows otherwise. Nowadays, Microsoft recommends using this tool in only very specific cases as detailed in 9.
Filtering and Sorting in a Dataset
Handling Events
{ new CreateRequest { Title = new InArgument<string>(env => Title.Get(env)), Author = new InArgument<string>(env => Author.Get(env)), ISBN = new InArgument<string>(env => ISBN.Get(env)), Request = new OutArgument<ReservationRequest> (env => request.Get(env)), RequestAddress = new OutArgument<string> (env => requestAddress.Get(env)) }, new Send { OperationName = "RequestBook", ServiceContractName = "ILibraryReservation", Content = SendContent.Create (new InArgument<ReservationRequest>(request)), EndpointAddress = new InArgument<Uri> (env => new Uri("http://localhost:" + requestAddress.Get(env) + "/ClientService")), Endpoint = new Endpoint { Binding = new BasicHttpBinding() }, }, new WriteLine { Text = new InArgument<string> (env => "Request sent; waiting for response"), TextWriter = new InArgument<TextWriter> (env => Writer.Get(env)) }, new WaitForInput<ReservationResponse> { BookmarkName = "GetResponse", Input = new OutArgument<ReservationResponse> (env => Response.Get(env)) }, new WriteLine { Text = new InArgument<string> (env => "Response received from " + Response.Get(env).Provider.BranchName + " [" + Response.Get(env).Reserved.ToString() + "]"), TextWriter = new InArgument<TextWriter> (env => Writer.Get(env)) }, } }; } }
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